January 25th, 2010

Pregnancy Hormones = Tears, Cravings, and Clean Dishes???

That's right. You heard correctly. I said clean dishes. Ever since getting pregnant the very thought of a dirty house has driven me crazy. For the first few months I couldn't do much of anything because I was sick so often, but once the second trimester hit, I was crazy cleaning lady!

Now I'm in my third and final trimester and the nesting hormones are in full swing. That means in addition to cleaning everything within sight, I am also organizing and doing my spring clean... in January. Micah has been a good sport about most things, as long as I don't throw out anything of his, but once I start the cleaning blitz he knows to go hide until the tornado has passed and then pat me on the back and congratulate me on how clean the house looks.

That's "Husband Survival 101" for ya there.

Of course, it's kind of convenient that this cleaning frenzy has come at the beginning of this new year, which means it can count as my new year's resolution.. if I want it to. We'll see.. if it last until April I'll call it good.

That's one big thing. We'll see how long this cleaning/organizing obsession lasts once the baby comes and every free minute will be spent in sleep.. or taking a bubble bath. The two things that become most precious during the time of the Newborn Invasion.

Anyway. Back to cleaning. Specifically, back to dishes.

Clean dishes, I might point out.

Every night I pile what dishes we used throughout the day by the sink, set out my things for breakfast and lunch, and wipe down all the counters and appliances. Come morning, I eat my breakfast, pack my lunch, go start the car, then I take the remaining 15-20 minutes while the car warms up to wash all the dishes.

Now, if this was the OLD Megan, that would be a LOT of dishes.. but with the new and improved PREGNANT Megan, the equates to barely two sinkfulls of dishes. Most of them being glasses or plates. You know, the easy stuff.

My objective is to get all the dishes washed before I leave for work.

90% of the time, I accomplish that objective... except for this morning because...

oopps... need to go! I'll finish the story when I get back! Bye!

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