January 21st, 2010

Does anyone want to be a Sitting Duck?

A puppy-sitting duck, that is!

"Sitting Duck"

That's the latest book by Jackie Urbanovic, an author and illustrator who has written a series of now-four books about Max the Duck and all his adventures!

I want! I want! It's about DUCKS!!!!

Here are the other three books in the series:

I also wouldn't mind to add these other childhood classics to our budding library:

Any and ALL of the "If you give..." series:

Though the original "Mouse" is a MUST as well as the very Alaska-applicable "If you give a Moose a Muffin"

And who doesn't love Jan Brett's beautiful illustrations.

I've always loved how each page showed what was going on with the other characters over on the side.

Ooooooooo.. a new Berenstain Bears book to add to my collection! I kept all of the BB books from my childhood, plus we've added a few here and there. I think total we have about 30 or so of them now. The big thing is that the creators, Stan and Jan Berenstain, have partnered with their son, Mike, and produced a special "sub-series" called "Little Lights" which is written to "help children learn how God wants them to live every day." Mom had given me four of the books as a baby gift a few months ago and now I find that there are even MORE! Seven more to be exact.. must get... I love that some of my favorite childhood characters are being used to teach children about how much God loves them AND how to show that love to others!

Okay.. enough about books.

Love to all.

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