January 14th, 2010

Who am I?

In my devotions this morning it brought up the subject of identity:

"Many times we determine our identity by what others tell us about ourselves. You are so smart. You are a loser. You are so pretty. You could do anything you set your mind to. You are so ugly. You are so fat. After a while, those messages determine how we see ourselves, whether true or false. It is only a mature person who realizes that just because a person perceives you a certain way, doesn't make that perception true."

My mind began to think not just on how OTHERS perceive us, but on how we perceive ourselves. We go around asking "Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?

Now those are good questions. But as Christians, we're kind of missing the point.

The question isn't "Who am I?" but "Who am I in Christ?"

The question isn't "Why am I here?" but "Why did God put me here?"

The question isn't "What is my purpose?" but "What would God have me do?"

As Christians, our entire existence is routed and grounded in Christ. He is our beginning and our end. Our creator, the giver of life, our direction and guide. We can become so focused on trying to determine who we want to be that we completely forget that we're supposed to become the man or woman that God wants us to be. Men and women of Truth.

So who are we in Christ? Why did God put us here? What is our purpose?

Psalms 95:6 We are here to worship God, our creator and redeemer.
Isaiah 43:6-7 We are created to glorify God.
Matthew 5:13 We are the salt of the earth.
Matthew 5:14 We are the light of the world.
Matthew 5:48 We are to be perfect, even as Christ is perfect.
Mark 16:15 We are to share the gospel message.
John 1:12 We are children of God.
John 15:15 We are Christ's friends.
Romans 12:2 We are to be different that the world around us.
John 15:16 We are chosen and appointed by Christ to bear His fruit.
I Corinthians 3:16 We are the temple of God. His Spirit dwells in us.
I Corinthians 12:27 We are members of the body of Christ.
2 Corinthians 5:17 We are new creations.
Ephesians 2:10 We are God's workmanship created in Christ to do His work that He planned beforehand that we should do.
1 Timothy 4:12 We are to be an example to the world of true believers.

I read all that.. just a fraction of the wondrous truths God's Word holds for us.. and I can't help but feel absolutely.. just.. humbled. How can any of us feel depressed or unworthy.. Look! Just look at who God has made us to be! We are His wonderful creation. We are made, fashioned, designed, lovingly created just for Him.

He chose me.

He wants me.

And He has so much in store for me.

Alright, Lord. Who am I?

I am yours.


First Baby Appointment of the New Year

Yesterday we had our first baby appointment of the new year. Woohoo! It's also exciting because this month marks the beginning of my twice-a-month appointments. That's right, with just two months left I am now going to be visiting the doc TWICE a month.

And my vacation time just loves that.

Due to the precious vacation time, I'm going to be skipping one of the two monthly group sessions as each session runs from 2:00-4:00, and even with going on lunch at 1:30, it still eats up an hour and a 1/2 each time I go, as opposed to the simply half and hour that I have to take off for a private appointment. Those are nice because I can just take a long lunch and still get back at to work at a reasonable hour.

Know what really stinks? If it wasn't for all the baby appointments I could have been on Christmas vacation and additional 1-2 days.


Babies are expensive even before they come!

But it's okay, I guess. I mean.. doc appointments are kind of important, you know?

Just a tad important. :P

Technically though, this month I'll actually have three appointments because I have to go BACK next Wednesday for my 2nd glucose test. Yes, I have to drink that nasty orange stuff a SECOND time. Everyone was fine the first time but because I have a family history of diabetes, they want to make sure I don't have a late term onset or anything.

I appreciate that.

Even though that stuff is nasty.


Anyway. Doc appointment report.

All is well, all is good.

Good to know.

Seriously though. My last appointment actually wasn't with Marilyn as she was tied up with another patient and so I got the incompetent student nurse. Okay, so she wasn't incompetent. Well, she was. But that isn't very nice. Let's just say that she was.. inexperienced.. and slow!

But that doc that was overseeing her had me a bit concerned about my weight gain, or lack thereof, and she also said that I was drinking too much water.

I didn't know you could do that.

And according to Marilyn, you can't. I'd have to drinking gallons a day in order to drink too much. I'm drinking about 4-6 16-oz bottles a day. So I'm drinking the recommended 64-oz, plus a little extra. It's just that I drink when I'm thirsty.. and I'm always thirsty. I've tried mixing it up though in the mornings and evenings, where I'll drink orange juice in the morning and milk in the evening, replace 2-3 of those "above and beyond" glasses of water. So it all evens out in the end.

Also, good news on the weight gain. First of all, I gained 5 whole lbs in the last month! Woohoo! Though.. it's probably actually less than that because I had just eaten a bunch of pasta for lunch. Sorry.. I was hungry. So we'll call it four. But still.. four lbs is good. Especially when Baby grew 1.5 lbs this past month. So half is Baby, half is all the other junk in there. The other half was the pasta.

Wait. That's three halves. Two halves make a whole. Three halves make..

.. absolutely no sense.

Moving on.

But when I shared the other doc's concern with Marilyn, she suggested we look at the overall scheme of things, instead of just the current numbers. From the beginning of my pregnancy to now I have gained a grand total, pasta and all, of 16 lbs. In 30.7 weeks.

Not bad, not bad.

In fact, it's good! That means I'm gaining the Baby stuff and not the fat stuff. It's helped that I've been balancing fruits and veggies with the carbs and dairy. This whole pregnancy I have been craving fruits. That's about it. But different fruits, mind you. First it was apples, watermelon, and cantaloupe. It was those fruits that got me through my first four months of morning sickness.

Then the weirdness started. Watermelon made me sick. So we switched to bananas and kept up the apples. Then bananas made me sick. So we switched to peaches. Then apples made me sick. So we kept the peaches and switched to oranges. Now oranges are good. Peaches are good. Fruit cocktail is bad (don't ask me since it has peaches and oranges and pears and all that in it). Apples are still bad.

But fruit.. fruit is good.

They say you gain the most weight in your last trimester, so it's going to be interesting how much I gain in the remaining two months. Even if it's a bit, I'm still thankful that everything has been good and low up until now, because that's going to make it all the more easier to get back into shape once Baby pops out.

Pops out like my belly button has still failed to do. Again, I know I still have two months to go, but it's quite interesting to watch this transformation take place. I've always had a super-deep belly button. Think of digging-a-hole-to-China deep.

Yeah. That deep.

Now my belly button has gotten more and more shallow, but that isn't even the weirdest part. It's gone SIDEWAYS! That's right, folks. My belly button goes in and up. Ask Micah. It's weird.

So in that case it's very fitting.

Speaking of weird.. that's what Micah thinks when Marilyn is able to feel my belly and know right away where and how Baby is positioned. But when you've been doing something for the past 30 years, I guess you learn a thing or two.

Right now Baby is pointing head-down, exactly where he should be! Smarty! He could still move, but he's getting big enough that he's pretty much going to stay put for this last bit. Speaking of big, he's right on length, about 17 inches stretched out, and weighs 3 1/2 lbs. Micah and I were saying, if he keeps this up, we might have the smallest Peter baby on record! That would definitely be a first in a family that has 9 and 10 lb babies. Whew.

As for me, my belly is nice and round cause I'm measuring 33 weeks, instead of just 31 weeks, but again, some it may be from the fact that I had just eaten a very filling meal. Oh well. Baby is the right size. And my weight is good. So who cares about me and my basketball belly. :) Truth be told, I kind of like it... hehe

Um.. I'll be looking at my maternity leave here in the next few days. In fact, I'll probably be sitting down with Craig and Bob (the bosses) on Tuesday to hammer out the fine details. At this point it looks as though I'll work up until the 16th of March, in which case my maternity leave will begin Wednesday, March 17th. My due date is that Friday, March 19th. Mom is planning on coming in on the 17th, so even if Baby does take his sweet time and make a late entrance, I'll still have the time to enjoy with Mom. And with Grandma. That's right, Grandma, my Dad's mom, is planning on coming up too!

I did ask Marilyn what they do if I go late (overdue) and she said that they don't usually do anything until I hit 41 weeks, and then they would do an ultrasound and a no-stress test to see if everything was okay, and then they would start getting me more active, prescribe some hormone medicine that gets everything going down there, and other non-invasive induction methods.

Good to know. Me? I'll be praying. "Lord, get this baby out of here!!!" lol... I think that is every woman's prayer by the time she reaches 38 weeks.

Dude.. that's only 7 weeks away from tomorrow..



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