January 10th, 2010

Just one of the guys

Being one of the few girls who not only ENJOYS playing video games, but is actually GOOD at video games, I go with Micah to many of the game nights he has with the guys: Tim, Larry, Matt, Nate, and whichever other friends or acquaintances they invite.

The only thing is, I haven't been to a game night since July, since finding out that I was pregnant.

My absence wasn't due to something sinister, like I thought the waves would harm baby or something like that. Instead, it was because my maximum bedtime shrunk from 2am to 10pm in a matter of days. Even with a nap, I just couldn't keep awake, which made it very hard to participate in game nights that would last until the wee hours of the morning. Thus, no game nights for me.

But I missed them...

Since Tim's wedding last week, Larry's been having to adjust to the empty house and has been quite lonely. So it came as no surprise when he called Micah Friday, wanting to get together last night.

One request- could we start at say.. 7? Instead of our usual 9?


And since it was a Saturday night, we wouldn't be staying up insanely late because of Church this next morning. Which means, leaving at 11pm or so...

Which meant... I could go!!!

This was going to be great! I would get to hang out with the guys again, play some games...

... only one thing.

I haven't played video games but once or twice since July.

Oh man. I'm going to get whooped.

Come to find out, not only are we NOT playing Halo 3 or Call of Duty or any of the games that I'm actually GOOD at... instead we are playing Halo.. ODST.

Great. I've only played once for about 5 minutes. No way I'm coming in first. In fact, I'll probably come in last.

Yup. Last night, bringing up the rear was my specialty.

But it was FUN!!!!!

And we left at 11:25, so not too bad at all. And I was in bed by midnight.

Of course, I read until 1:30.. but we won't talk about that.