January 7th, 2010

We love getting free stuff!

Tuesday night Micah and I decided to do something "fun" so we went to Target to look at what we might want to spend our gift cards on, as well as add things to our registry for the Baby Shower that will take place after Baby arrives (woohoo! then we'll actually know if it's a boy or a girl!).

It was.. interesting.. shopping with Micah. He has added things to a registry, of any sort, while actually being in the store. Before we got married we added stuff online and I think that I went by myself to Walmart to add with the scanner because he hadn't arrived yet.

Speaking of the scanner, I do believe that was the only way I got Micah to agree to do the shopping. He had fun trying to see how far away he could "shoot" the gun and still make the scan. No.. it wasn't embarrassing at all. :/

One thing was did have in common was our shock over the blatant marketing done towards expecting parents.. you don't need half of those things that they sell in the baby department! It was really crazy.. Micah and I were like.. are you serious? No wonder they say it can cost thousands of dollars to get ready for a baby, what with all the items available and the cost of them.

Which brings me to venting part 2. The price of baby furniture.. are you kidding me???? Seriously... $150 for a changing table.. that's a car payment! Yeah... we'll be buying yard sale, craiglist, or scratch and dent. As long as it isn't on the recall list, is in decent shape, and within our budget.. yeah.. Baby doesn't need a nicer bed than we have!

Okay.. ranting done.

The cool thing about Target's registry is that you get a goodie bag too! The baby one is even nicer than the one we got for the wedding. It had free samples of diapers, formula, wipes and baby wash. Not a lot, but enough for at least one day's use, and hey, every little bit helps. It also had a Baby Einsteins sampler dvd with about 20 minutes of content (has anyone ever used that series???) and TONS of coupons for diapers and all kinds of baby products. Micah and I will be making use of those until Baby gets big enough for use to buy in bulk at Costco, as they don't carry the newborn size.

Talking about sales and bargain... Micah and I took a gander through the Christmas department to see what was leftover. Ha! Forget about Day after Christmas 50% sales.. I'll take the 90% off! For $1.76 we got two wooden ornament plaques, a Christmas baby bib, two things of gift boxes, and... something else but I can't remember what it is at the moment.

Oh well. Prego brain.

All I know is that the sour cream we got was more expensive than all those items! Ha! I love it!

In other news...

It's boring at work this week. All the guys are gone over to Ft. Rich for a project and so it's just Christine and I in the office and the two cleaning ladies out in the warehouse. Kind of creepy out there with no lights on....

Ow! Okay, so it doesn't feel good to have Baby kick AND punch at the same time.. how rude!