December 31st, 2009

The best in the world.. hands down...

Chili, that is! Only, I can't take credit for the recipe.. it's all Momma!

Step 1) Gather ingredients.. and lots of them!

Step 2) Saute onions in lots of butter... it's the Southern way

Step 3) Gather spices

Step 4) Add diced tomatoes 1/2 through saute process, so they cook along with the onions... ah, flavor infusion!

Step 5) Rinse off the beans, and pray for a short night

Step 6) Put in the tomato sauce, then add the beans.. "It's beginning to look a lot like chili.."

Step 7) Add the garlic.. and the world becomes a better place

Step 8) Add the chili powder.. Micah and I are weaklings when it comes to this step

Step 9) Then the all-important chili seasoning packet. This is the kicker.


Step 11) Allow to simmer for a very long time for best results... or, if you're in a hurry, cook on 5, then lower to 3, then finish up with a 1 while you grate the cheese... don't get me started on the cheese...

And one last close-up to make all mouths water..

Ah. Chili! Winter's best friend!


Baby Bump @ 28 Weeks!

Since we spent the day after Christmas at the beach, and were already taking family pictures, Micah and I decided to take advantage of the pictures and get some non-snow/indoor maternity pictures of me and baby!

It was sooooooooooooo bright! Thus, the squinty.

I might look a little sick too... I had to sneeze quite a bit that day.

This one right here is my favorite of the bunch.

A quiet moment.

Micah could barely make it around me and my belly!

And last but certainly not least... my proud daddy, me, and baby. Oh, excuse me.. it's Granddad!

Hope you enjoyed them! See you again at 32 weeks!