December 21st, 2009

I don't even know where to begin

Things have been going a mile a minute since I stepped off the plane Thursday night. We didn't go to bed that evening until after midnight, then got up early Friday morning to go Christmas shopping! Micah and I got all of our shopping finished that day, which is a small miracle in itself. Next year though, we might just shop up there and bring it down with us since we bring the extra suitcase anyway. We'll see.

For lunch we got to eat at Jason's Deli!!!! I LOVE that place. It has the best salad bar.. hands down. Everything fresh and organic and totally healthy and guilt-free. Emily met up with us there and we got to eat together, all one-two-three-four-five-six-seven of us. Well, seven and a half, of us. :P

Afterwards Emily, Mom, and I headed to VS to do some much-needed girl shopping while the guys headed out on their own so Micah could buy my Christmas gift. Then Brandon and Tyler headed back to Portland for play practice, Emily went home, and Mom, Dad, Micah and I went to Walmart, AT&T, and Supercuts (for my desperately needed haircut!).

We went home but the night was just getting started. Once home, the stockings got opened, with some hilarious results, we ate party food, and ended the night with a rousing game of Catch Phrase!

Saturday morning came bright and clear and hectic as we rushed to get ready for our baby shower.

4 hours and 140+ pictures later, and I was all partied out. Seriously though, it was one awesome baby shower. Emily did an awesome job putting it together, and Amy didn't mind at all that we invaded her house. Food. Friends. Fun. And presents! We couldn't have asked for a better shower. I think my favorite part is that it was a guy/girl party, so everyone got to be there and have fun. I love that.

Let's see-- we went to Em's afterward and (finally}) watched Up. That is one sad movie!!! I couldn't believe it.. I was bawling through the entire first part of the movie. No movie should start off that sad.. especially what is supposed to be a kids movie! Hmph.

The night ended with Catan! The Seafarer's edition... woohoo! Such fun.

Sunday. Portland's Christmas Program in the AM, connect-four with Micah and Daddy (Micah kicked my butt and I kicked Daddy's butt), and Antioch's Christmas Program in the PM. End the night with Sonic!

Today--- who knows?? It's taking forever to get the day started, what with errands and tying up loose ends so we can leave for FL tomorrow. We're supposed to go to Nashville to take family pictures and Brandon's senior pictures, but we'll see if we actually go through with it.

All I know is that I'm already tired.

Oh- and pray for Micah, he's getting sick (again) and we're hoping he hasn't given it to me.



P.S.- I PROMISE that there are long, newsy posts to come, with pictures too! But there just isn't time right now. Probably won't happen until I get back to AK. Once I get to Granny and Papa's, no wifi. So see you after Christmas!
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