December 17th, 2009

Like a bird, I fly, fly away...

I'm sitting at the Anchorage airport right now, waiting for the boarding to begin on my plane in 20 minutes or so. Once I board, I'll be on that plane for the next 5 hours and 42 minutes. Whew.

The bad part? I'm in a middle seat. Micah had tried to reserve a window seat when he first booked my ticket, but apparently it didn't go through. Since then, I've tried to reserve seats twice, but each time it did not go through. So I'm stuck in the middle. I can't do that. Not for over 5 hours. Either window or aisle, but not the middle, please. They'll be doing seat changes at 8:30, when the check-in closes, so I'll be standing there at 8:25 in order to get the jump.

Come on, I'm pregnant, doesn't that get me any benefits?
you on the other side.

Or at least some well-deserved pity?

Brr.. it's cold outside. We're in a cold snap right now. It's 7 degrees and still snowing. Really weird considering it was 30-something just last week. Ah, such is winter. Mother nature in all her unpredictable moodiness.

Just think... in a few hours I'll be down with all my family and friends.. Well, most of my family and friends.

It's about time!

Can't wait.

Pray for me while I travel, please. I've already thrown up twice this morning, so I have no idea what the next 10 hours hold. I do have my trusty sea-bands thought! Hopefully between that, my medicine, and LOTS of prayer, I'll survive. :P

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