December 14th, 2009

Silent Night....

That's what it was last night with no Micah. Silent. As in nearly creepy silent.

Between Saturday and Sunday we barely had any time to BREATHE... it's pretty sad when you're looking forward to the plane ride just in order to sleep!

Really, the craziness started even before Saturday. It started last week and last all week long. You see, this past week was finals. Ugh. Anyone who has ever gone through school of any time knows what a drudgery finals week is. Especially college finals.

Monday night final for Micah. WMB Tea for me.

Tuesday night class for Micah. Becky's Bridal Shower for me.

Wednesday night studying for Micah. Church for me.

Thursday night class for Micah. Cooking for me.

Friday night EMT State Exam for Micah. (Finally) Sleep for me.

Saturday daytime EMT State Exam for Micah. Errands for me.

Saturday night Youth Christmas Party for Micah and for me.

Sunday morning Church for Micah and for me.

Sunday afternoon Red Robin for Micah and for me.

Sunday (late) afternoon packing and airport check-in for Micah and for me.

Sunday evening Church Christmas Dinner for Micah and for me.

Sunday (late) evening airport goodbye for Micah and for me.

Whew. We've had something going on every single day this last week. In fact, in the midst of all those finals, Micah only got 2 hours sleep in a 72-hour time frame. Ouch! You see, on top of all the in-class finals and exams, he also had an online final due Wednesday, another due Friday, and three papers due by Friday. We were pressing the "submit" button at 11:53 Friday night.

It was due by 11:55.

You can't get much closer than that. And of course it can't ever be as easy as just pushing "submit".. the reason why it was soooo close to the deadline is because our internet decided to go out at that exact moment and we had to switch out the wireless ACS for our plug-in Clearwire. It's a good thing we haven't gotten rid of it yet! As it is, ACS isn't really the problem- our Belkin router isn't wanting to play nice. Once we get back from Christmas we'll see about getting a new router and testing to see if that really is the problem or not.

The WMB Tea was wonderful.

Becky's Bridal Shower was wonderful.

Church was wonderful (as always)

Thursday night the cooking was successful, but I was sooooo drained that I did NOT want to cook, so I refuse to classify it as "wonderful".. "bearable" is more like it. The food was for Friday afternoon. Oh, that's right, one more thing I forgot to put on my crazy list.

Friday afternoon FMO Christmas Party for Micah and for me.

Micah had taken me to work that morning so he could come at noon and bring the food piping hot. My world-famous (okay, maybe just TN, FL, and AK-famous) mashed potatoes... okay, fine, you caught me! My family-famous mashed potatoes (there, you happy???) and Christmas cookies.

I have decided that I don't want to make Christmas cookies ever again until I have kids because I was so tired and worn out that I botched my decorating job and didn't have any kids to blame it on!

That is the reason women have kids. In order to have someone to blame for our less-than-perfect cooking results. The pie browned a little too much on top? "Oh, Johnny helped me make it." The quiche turned out runny? "Suzy was practicing her cooking skills" The Christmas cookies looked like a three-year old made them? You actually have a three-year old to blame it on!

That is the reason we have kids.

I'm convinced of it.

But the potatoes were good! Micah even made the gravy! Granted, it was out of a package.. but it was gravy!

There was sooo much food at the party. But most importantly, there was ham.

Sweet, salty, honey-glazed ham.

Lord, you can come back now, I'm ready.

I've had ham.

Melt-in-your-mouth, don't-bother-with-a-knife ham.

The kind of ham songs are written about.

The kind of ham that deserves to hang next to the Mona Lisa.

The kind of ham that.. okay, maybe I stretched it on that last one.. but I did consider writing a song. "Ode to a dead pig"... catchy title. eh?

By now I think you've gotten the picture. Good ham.

I think you've also realized that I've been craving ham.

Well, I have.

I got ham last Friday at the Company Christmas Party, then again on Friday at the FMO Christmas Party, and then again last night at the Church Christmas Party.

THAT is why Christmas is my favorite time of year.. the ham.. the wonderful, wonderful ham.

Okay, enough about the ham.... take a deep breath and..

We got gift cards to Target from our company boss (thank you Tunista!). This company likes their gift cards. That's the third one I've gotten since working here.

And then we played Dirty Christmas. What fun!!! I had put in an electric griddle as my gift since there are so many guys and just four of us women, I figured it could work for either one. Christine and Brian ended up with it and they liked it as they didn't have one (and they're usually $40, but I got it 50% off + a 10% coupon. Woohoo.). But I LOVE what I ended up with. I was #2 and picked out a glass veggie tray that came with a deviled egg tray and dip bowls, etc.. really classy, and something I didn't have. Yeah.. it got stolen by #6. Stinker. So I went back and got the bigger box. And boy, was I glad I did! It was a wooden 18" lazy susan that had a 7 piece bowl set, the main dip bowl with 6 curved bowls that set around it, making it look like one big dish. And then it came with a bonus divided dip bowl.

Kind of like this:

Except the lazy susan is a dark wood that matched my dining set perfectly, and there are 6 of the curved bowls.. and mine is bigger.

Anyway. I LOVE IT!

There happened to be TWO of them. Which, #9 had picked the 2nd one. So by then I had the 1st one and 9 had the 2nd. Then #13 goes and steal #9's and as she passes me she says, "I would steal yours, but I don't know you!" (she's the wife of one of the guys, really sweet) Then #9 comes over and steals mine! Sigh.. so by that time each one had been stolen once and could only be stolen one more time before they were gone for good. I couldn't steal back from #9 so I went to #13 and said, "Hi, my name is Megan," shook her hand, and stole the gift! The entire room busted out laughing, and then laughed even harder when she went back to number #9 and got it from her! So we both got our lazy susans. And don't worry about #9, she got a really pretty king-sized Christmas quilt set.

All in all. It was a lot fun. I already have the lazy susan sitting up on my table.

So that was Friday. Saturday I took Micah to UAA bright and early (too early for a Saturday) for his all-day EMT testing and then I went home to houseclean while watching old Cary Grant movies. Then I went to Heather's to pick up an AWESOME baby carrier/carset that she found at the on-base scratch 'n dent store for $7!! Can you believe it?? It's originally an $80 baby carrier that she'd seen there for several months and they kept lowering and lowering and lowering the price. All the way down to $7. And it's exactly what Micah and I wanted.

Thanks, Heather!

I also went to Costco, Freddy's, and Value Village before booking it back home to get ready to head to the Christmas party. A classmate of Micah's dropped him off at the house so I didn't have to go to UAA to get him, which was nice.

Two important bits of news.

1. Micah passed his EMT testing! He's now officially certified in the state of Alaska as an EMT 1! Woohoo! So proud of you, Babe!

2. Saturday was Micah's 23rd birthday! Now I know it seems a bit of a passing reference.. but after this weekend.. even Micah admitted that it didn't feel like HIS birthday, just like another day. We did have a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake from Coldstone at the party for him, and we went out on Sunday to Red Robin for his birthday supper..

Ooo... baby's acting up. I don't feel so good. Settle down in there. Don't make Mommy sick.

I'd better cut this short before I lose my lunch AND my readership due to this insane length.

Love to all.

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