December 10th, 2009

Megan the Firefighter

After helping Micah with his homework all semester long it feels like I'M the one going to school. I might not be able to understand all of the concepts and the mathematical and scientific aspects still allude me, as they always will, yet I can ramble on about fire service with the best of them.

Or at least the mediocre.

Last night Micah had a final due at midnight so he stayed home from church to do the research while Baby and I, proudly representing the Peter Household. We joked at church that while we were missing a few, we at least had some 1.5's to make up for them!

Once I got back home I found Micah more than slightly frustrated and having a full-fledged tirade on how horrible essay finals are.

His bane is my blessing.

His curse my joy

Maybe that is why God put us together.

Think about it- I hate all things science and math. I simply don't "get it", my brain cannot wrap around all the numbers and details and how X+Y=X or the difference between this chemical and that chemical. Does it really matter? I can add 2+2 (most days) and know to use baking soda to put out a grease fire. Isn't that enough?

Now if it was Micah he would go into detail about WHY the baking soda extinguishes the flame and the chemical reaction that takes place. Again- does it matter? Knowing the chemical properties of baking soda isn't going to help me reach for the box any faster? Nor will it help me to remember to turn the burner off in the first place.

Give me nouns.

Give me adverbs.

Give me a 12 page paper on the coloration between Greek Mythology and modern literature. Or how the Industrial Revolution affected the Woman's Right to Vote.

Give me a pen.

Give me words or give me death!

Really, just give me words. English preferably, since I can't write in any other language.

When we homeschool our kids, I'll do English, History, and the Social Studies. Micah gets Math and Science. At least part the 3rd grade level. MAYBE 4th. If I can study before teaching the kids.

This is sad.

Or is it good.


Or insanity.

For now I'll take insanity.


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Hello Little One

I just got back from my third ultrasound about 15 minutes ago. As is typical of hospitals, the wait was longer than the exam!

Normally they just do two ultra sounds, once really early in the pregnancy and the 2nd close to twenty weeks, which is when you can find out the gender if you want to (which we didn't, as ya'll know).

Instead of being at the ideal 20-22 weeks, our 2nd ultrasound was scheduled for 17 weeks, which turned out to be a mite early. Not only could we NOT have found out the gender even if we had wanted to, but the tech wasn't able to get shots of the baby's face since it was looking at my spine the whole time.

Thus the need for a third ultrasound.

That was fine with us! The more chances to see baby, the better! As it is, this will be our last time seeing baby before my due-date. They should do an ultrasound right around that time, but that's 3 months off (3 months from next Saturday to be exact!).

Right away we saw that Baby was head down, the way its supposed to be, facing my left side. And.. it was turned towards the camera! Yay! So we actually got to see the face instead of just the profile! How exciting!

Baby looked at us and my heart just melted. Even with the Halloween-mask look, this is a cutie!

Then Baby did something that melted, not just my heart, but every little part of me, all the way down to my toes. While we were looking at its face, Baby moved its hand up by its mouth and then began to either chew on its hand or suck its fingers, we couldn't tell which. But we saw that little mouth moving up and down, up and down, up and down...

I told you I melted. I was just a little puddle on the floor.

And Micah wasn't much better. He squeezed my toes and we shared the "Mommy & Daddy" look.

My heart is settled, though, because Baby wasn't moving a lot at the beginning of the week and it really had me worried. I know a lot of it was because we were on the go so much for those days that even if Baby was moving, I was probably too busy to notice. But either way, I was in tears Tuesday night because I was scared something had happened. Instead of fretting even more, I prayed as Micah held me, turning those worries and fears into prayers of blessings over Baby, trusting that God would take care of us all.

And He has, as He promised.

Baby is healthy and strong. As of today Baby weighs 1 lb, 12 oz, which is 1.75 lbs, right at the recommended weight for a 26 weeks baby. My due date is right on target, too. A day before or a day after is the only leeway, so I should be good to go.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us during this pregnancy and for Baby.

Here is the wide-angle picture of Baby's face:

This is a close-up of the face. See the eyes, nose, and mouth? It looks like Baby is sticking out its tongue!

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