December 3rd, 2009

Moments Like These...

Every so often there are those moments where as soon as they take place you know that they will forever be etched in your mind and heart- cherished for the rest of your life.

I had a moment like that last night.

Micah had gone to the store to get some milk and eggs and I had a quiet moment to myself. Lying back, I just relaxed, taking in the quiet. Then, after a while, I began to talk to Baby, telling it about the future and the things we are going to do together.. dreams I have for us, for our family. I told it about my worries and concerns, and then prayed them away.

Up until then, Baby had been quiet, probably sleeping right through this mother-baby time. Then, all of a sudden, it woke up. Baby started moving and kicking and twisting and turning. All the normal movements that I feel every day. Only this time was different, this time it was just me and Baby. Before I would just place my hand on my tummy and feel the little, strong kicks and punches, or the flutters as Baby turned over in its sleep. This time I didn't try and touch or feel, instead I just watched. For the next half hour I just watched as Baby kicked and turned and made my tummy bounce. I've never just watched Baby before. But to see this small life move inside me took my maternal feelings to a whole new level.

I even began teasing Baby where I would thump on my belly or make a shadow with my hands (that's right- Baby can see light and shadows now from the "outside") and then watch Baby thump back or kick to make the shadow go away. This Baby is like its mommy... we both love light.

When Micah got home we both just laid there, watching my tummy, cherishing this moment with this little life that we've created- this miracle that God has given us.

I do love moments like these...

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