December 2nd, 2009

Icky Sicky

So remember how I was feeling all crummy Sunday night and Monday? Well, it was just a shadow of things to come. Yesterday morning I felt fine and then by the afternoon my throat started hurting and my nose started running. I came home and walked into the house and said, "Micah, my throat hurts." He looked at me and said, "Mine does too." Great.

We're BOTH sick with colds and sore throats. Turns out we got it while in Bethel from some of the sniffy-nosed kids at Mom Peter's. Apparently she has gotten sick too. Oh boy. What a wonderful parting gift, eh?

Micah made some of the garlic stuff last night and then I've been taking zinc and cough drops, along with plenty of fluids.

We're not going to be able to go to church tonight because what with Joey, Heather, and Lillian all there.. none of them need to be getting sick from us. So we'll just stay home and keep our germs to ourselves, thank you very much.

This has really messed up our plans though because we were going to pick out a tree before church and then go Christmas shopping for decorations afterwards. Now I don't know when that will happen. If we feel better after we rest.. maybe.. Home Depot is open until 10, so we'll see.

We're really wanting to get better before this weekend though cause the company Christmas party is Friday night and we're really looking forward to it. They're supposed to have AMAZING food and since we're a native company (Calista), it's Native themed, so that should be interesting. The nicest part is that it's a family-oriented party, held it a big church here, so no alcohol or dancing or anything. Always a relief.

This is Micah's last week before finals, so we'll have a lot of studying to do. And I've been so sick since getting home from our trip that I haven't even unpacked yet.


sniff... it isn't listening to me.

no fair.

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