December 1st, 2009

Goodbye Fall, Hello Christmas!!!!

By the way, what do you call it? Fall or Autumn? According to Websters, Autumn is the official name of the season between Summer and Winter with "Fall" being the part of the season when the leaves fall off of the trees. So Fall is actually a sub-season, if you will. Interesting, eh?

Tonight I will be taking down all my pretty Autumn decorations. Sad... I'll be putting away all my fall colors, my red and yellow flowers, all that stuff. I'll be taking out the rocks and leaves from my baskets and vases and filling them with ornaments instead. I'll be getting a wreath to hang on the door. We'll be getting our tree sometime between now and Friday, probably will decorate the tree then.

It's kind of sad to think about because Micah will be leaving the night of the 13th so he'll only have a week or so to enjoy the tree before he leaves, then I leave the 17th. Our holiday season is so crazy between Bethel for Thanksgiving and Tennessee/Florida for Christmas. Between the two holidays we only have about two weeks actually at home for the season. Doesn't leave much time to actually ENJOY the decorations and traditions surrounding what is our favorite holiday. For that reason we leave our Christmas decorations up until the end of January. Who says Christmas ends on December 26th???? Some say that Thanksgiving and Autumn get lost in all the Christmas hulabaloo, but I think it's the other way around. You can decorate for Autumn back in September and enjoy all of that for all that time. What does Christmas get? One little ol' crammed-packed month. Hmph. There needs to be more time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That's just all there is to it.

Micah and I bought a new Christmas cd, as per our tradition. The first year was The Beach Boys Christmas CD, last year was... you know, I think we were so broke last year that we didn't buy one! ooooo.. that means we can buy TWO this year!!! Well, we already bought the Bing Crosby Christmas CD. Now that man can SING! He's probably my favorite out of all the Christmas singers.. just.. that voice of his. That man can croon and make this girl swoon!

Need to get a quilt to use as a Christmas tree skirt and some garland and red bulbs and strands and ribbon.. oh boy.. I can't wait to go shopping for Christmas! I might see about going out Thursday night after dropping Micah off at class and getting the rest of everything together. Either that or we'll go after church on Wednesday. Maybe that. Cause I do like to shop together.

The Thanksgiving pictures are downloaded onto the home computer so I should be able to get those online tonight. Also, I need to take some more maternity pictures, as it's been 4 weeks since our last ones, but what with the holiday and then me feeling icky, there wasn't much of a chance for that. It might end up being 25 week pictures instead of 24 weeks. Oh well. All the bump, my dear!

Byes for now!

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