November 26th, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Right now we're over at Zay's watching the parade on his big screen while the turkey cooks away in the oven. Another 15 minutes and we'll pull it out for its first basting and lay the bacon on top.

That's right, Micah and I are trying something new this year. We're trying to come up with the moistest turkey possible and since regular stuffing contains bread and bread soaks up moisture, we're going to do the stuffing/dressing outside of the turkey and we're stuffing the turkey with things that give moisture, instead of taking it away.

So we marinated the turkey last night in a bunch of spices and yummy stuff then this morning we stuffed the ol' bird with sliced apples and onions and slices of cooked bacon. In about 30 minutes we'll place slices of bacon on the top of the turkey and wrap it around the legs, etc. Mmmmmmm. So yummy.

Micah's gone to get the rest of the kids so Mom can cook in peace and we'll keep them until the turkey gets done around 10:00-10:30 and then head back over there so Micah and I can cook the rest of the dishes.

The plan is to have everything done by 1 pm.

Can't wait to eat!!!

Have a happy thanksgiving.. will be back on later.. love to all!