November 25th, 2009

Time flies when you're having fun!

That's the thought that was on my mind when I woke up yesterday morning. Why was yesterday so significant?

Because yesterday morning (at 6:30 am Alaska time) Micah and I had been married for two whole years! Yep. It was our 2nd anniversary. And a pretty good one at that.

We had actually gone out Friday night to celebrate our anniversary because we thought that Micah had school last night (he usually has class Tuesday evening until 10pm) but we found out Thursday night that he in fact had the day off. Hmph. Of course, by that time we already had made dinner reservations and bought the tickets to the play we were going to see. Oh well. We'll celebrate twice, right?

Friday night I got home from work just after five and we began to get ready. Micah actually wore dress pants (SHOCKER!) and a nice shirt (and even his dress shoes!) while I put on a pretty dress and suffered through my tall heels for one evening (they hurt my feet since I've gotten prego). We didn't want to rush through a dinner since the play started at 7 so we just planned for a late supper instead. After packing some trail mix into my tiny purse to tide my over the evening, we headed downtown and to our date night.

First off it took an insanely long time to find a parking place. Looks like everyone else was going out on a date on Friday night too! After about 5 minutes of driving around we found a spot two blocks over from the theatre and headed to Cyrano's to see their production of "Almost, Alaska" which was actually an adaption of "Almost, Maine." The play was absolutely hilarious! It was labeled as a romantic comedy and it fit the bill perfectly. We spent the entire time laughing and wiping tears from our eyes. But it also had it's "awww" moments and a few non-funny tears during a sad part.

We got out of the play about 9:15 which was perfect timing for our 9:30 reservations at Orso's. One of the thing Micah and I do is try out the "fine-dining" restaurants. Not the super-fancy like Club Paris or the Crow's Nest, but nice enough that it's not Denny's, you know? Well, on our "special nights" we have a tradition of trying out the Creme Brulee, and since Orso's had Creme Brulee, that's were we ended up deciding to go.

IT WAS GOOD! They took our coats at the front and led us back to a cool booth/table that had booth-style seats, but wasn't across from each other. Instead the seats were angled towards each other so Micah and I could sit next to each other, hold hands, even cuddle a bit but still manage to keep eye contact. It certainly solved the age-old question of "do i sit beside him or across from him?"

We had an appetizer of crab and risotto cakes that were perfect, warm and soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside. Micah ordered a housemade cream soda and I ordered a raspberry lemonade. You know it's a special night when I order something other than water with lemon!

For our main course he ordered the Chicken Parmesan and I ordered the Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo. Oh goodness. That was good. And HUGE! Let's just say, you feel like you get your money's worth at Orso's. Since I can't eat a lot I was able to eat my fill that night and have it for dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday! :)

Oh. And they had homemade sliced bread with hummus and seasoned olive oil to dip it in. Mmmm. Yummy.

For dessert: Creme Brulee, of course. So far we've tried three of these luscious desserts, at Sacks, at Simon and Seafort's, and now at Orso's. So far Sacks has been the best, with Simon and Seafort's being a close second. The one at Orso was good, but not great. We rated it a 5 on our scale, worth the money but order something else next time. I think the main issue was that the Creme Brulee was a cold dish, instead of the warm one that we like. And it was made with risotto, which we like as much as the next person, but the texture was all wrong for the creamy dessert.

Oh yeah, they had a nice touch too. The hostess asked if we were celebrating a special occasion and when we told her that it was our anniversary she came back with a card from Orso's and sprinkled "Happy Anniversary" confetti on the table. Not as cool as receiving a free dessert or something, but nicer than what most places do.. which is nothing.

Our night ended right about 11 and I crashed as soon as I got home. Whew.

Last night, our REAL anniversary, was pretty nice too. I made up a big patch of Pasta Primavera and we settled onto the couch to whittle down our stack of movies that we simply haven't had time to watch. We started off with "Flightplan" the movie with Jodie Foster. Whew! It kept your on your toes. I spent most of the movie buried in the pillows with Micah telling me what happened while I played ostrich.

We took a break after that movie and ran to Fred Meyers to get wrapping paper so we could wrap Mom Peter's Christmas present to take to her tonight. We also stopped by the woman's section and Micah let me get some pajamas! Now, I haven't bought pajamas's for myself in nearly four years! I got some for Christmas two years ago, and Micah bought me a sleep shirt for our anniversary last year, but I was in desperate need for some new pajamas. Not only can I not fit into most of my pants or shirts, but the ones that do fit aren't acceptable to be around anyone but my hubby. Thus, the need for need pajamas. I love the ones I got! They are fuzzy brown pants with pink polka dots (not fleece but fuzzy like a fuzzy blanket... sooooooooooo comfortable) and a pink short-sleeve shirt with a high rounded neckline. woohoo! I really wanted one that had a higher neckline and sleeves. And that is SO hard to find in woman's pajamas. Everything is tank top and v-necks. Uh.. thanks but not thanks.

And the best part is that the pajama set came with a fuzzy blanket. And is the perfect rectangle shape. :) Love it! Micah laid his head in my lap and just sighed.. he says the pants turned my lap into a pillow. :P

After that we popped some popcorn and ate peanut butter cookies while we watched "A Knight's Tale." Micah LOVED that movie.. and come on.. knights and jousting, can it get more manly than that?

We finished the movie then packed our suitcases and got everything ready to go this afternoon. Our flight leaves at 6:40 so we really need to be there by 5:00, especially since the security line is apparently really congested and we have 9 bags to check. Whew! I'll be getting off of work at 4:15 so I can get home in time to load up and not be too rushed tonight. We'll see how that goes though. I tend to like being stressed... :P ... or at least you'd think that seeing how I spazz out at times.

Well, almost time for lunch. I'll be making a packing list so we won't forget anything. I hope.

Probably will. We always do.

And yeah.. I like being married. And it has been fun. And wonderful. And amazing. And.. just... It's been a good two years.

Mrs. Micah Peter
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