November 22nd, 2009

Note to Self- Get New Card Reader

Cause the SD card slot on our reader has gone kaput and the only way we can upload pictures is to put the SD card into our CF converter and put THAT in the card reader. Very annoying. So... Black Friday online sale please?

Things have been good for the last two days. I have been so tired all week long, to the point of crying due to the exhaustion. Not good. Friday night Micah and I went out to celebrate our anniversary cause he was supposed to have school on Tuesday, which is our true 2-year anniversary. Well, he finds out Thursday night that his teacher is canceling class on Tuesday due to the holiday. Well, that's nice and all.. BUT COULDN'T YOU HAVE TOLD US THAT A LITTLE EARLIER!!! By then we had already made our reservations and bought our tickets. Sigh. Oh well. So it looks like we'll get to celebrate our anniversary TWICE! We're thinking that we'll just stay in our Tuesday and make it a movie night. We have a stack of movies a mile high that we need to go through. Between that and last minute getting ready to leave on Wednesday for Bethel and our night should be pretty much full.

Yesterday, Saturday, turned out to be a really good day. We got back from our date right around 11:30 and I went straight to be and slept until 8:00. I can't sleep in any more than that. 8 hours is about my max and then body and Baby literally force me to get up. Oh well. So I got up.

Normally, I'm slightly groggy in the mornings but yesterday sleep=energy so I literally jumped out of bed instead of rolling out of bed. Always a nice way to start your day. Unless you sleep in a bunk bed, then it might hurt.

As soon as my feet hit the floor I knew what I wanted to do with these first hours of my day, while Micah was still asleep. Clean the spare room and actually turn it into a nursery! Up until now it's just been filled with a bunch of junk. Okay, so not all junk. Just a lot of our stuff that we don't need out right now and it packed away. Though really, if we have THAT much stuff that we don't need right now, will we really ever need it? As soon as I get some floor place cleared and Micah and I have some free time, we're going through all those tubs and TOSSING STUFF OUT! I don't dare "spring clean" without Micah there because I'll get in a world of trouble if I throw out something of his without his permission. Packrat.

I worked on Baby's room and got a lot accomplished. But I'll save that for another post right after this.

Last night's youth activity was a lot of fun. But again. Separate post after this.

Um... I got 8 1/2 hours sleep last night! Woohoo! Maybe that means I'll be productive this afternoon. We need to be. We have SO much to get done of the course of this next week.

Okay.. on to pictures...

see you in a sec.

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Baby's Room + Baby's Stuff

So with my energy spurt yesterday morning I cleaned out about a 1/3 of the spare room so we could start getting the baby stuff out of boxes and put away. Always easier to take stock of what you have if it's organized. Plus, being organized touches that happy place inside of me, so all is good!

Never will I show anyone the before picture...

An hour and 1/2 later...

Phase 1 of Baby's Room!

You can go to facebook or flickr if you want to see the whole album, but this is the gist of it.

The 4 cubes that are open in the back will eventually get fabric drawers when I find the ones I want at the price I want. Easier said than done, eh? But yeah, all the clothes will go in those drawers.

But clockwise from top:

Bear and basket: it's empty right now, so I'm not sure what will go in it. Partly depends on the gender and partly depends on what I come up with.

Books: Most of these are the books I grew up with as a child. I saved them when Mom was getting rid of stuff so our children can learn to read on the same books I did...

1st cube: 3-6 months clothes
2nd cube: accessories such as mittens, socks, booties, bibs, hats
3rd cube: 6-12 months clothes
4th cube: cuddly blankets
5th cube: 3 months clothes
6th cube: receiving blankets, light blankets, and burping cloths
7th cube: bath towel and washcloths
8th cube: shoes
9th cube: 0-3 months cloths

Add to that 1 more 9 month, a 3 month, and 2 0-3 months, and a bathrobe.

We're not going to worry about getting clothes and a lot of the baby stuff cause we're having the baby shower while we're done in TN. After all that we'll take stock of where we are and see what we need on top of that. As it is, I'm only getting stuff for cheap at Value Village <$1.00 and then only if it's unique and "special"... that's fine.. there's still what, 4 months until baby comes? Yeah.. it was 4 months last Thursday. SO now I have LESS than four months left. Woohoo.

So now on to baby stuff.

for next christmas

if it's a girl (there is another robe i want to get but it's $5, so I'm waiting for it to go on sale)

close up

froggies (hard to find in clothes)

this one was adorable

baby loves mommy AND daddy

a cuddly sleeper

a chubby duckie

There. That's all I have time for now. Church time

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