November 18th, 2009

Watch where you're putting that foot, little mister!

or missy.. whichever you are. Either way.. quit kicking me!

Baby has gone from just a couple of movements here and there to 24/7 summersalts, flips, and karate kicks. It's pretty crazy. I sit at my desk here at work and have customers talking to me and the whole time Baby is using my kidney as a punching bag. Yeah.. try to keep a straight face with that going on!

Speaking of babies... Joey's baby shower was last night and it turned out AWESOME! Seriously, it was so much fun and was nice to be with just girls. There were about 15 people or so there, including the Lady of the Hour, herself. Or rather.. the Ladies of the Hour. I'm sure between Jenna and Sis Nowling they'll give a complete rundown with pictures and everything, which is especially good since my camera died after about 5 pictures and the backup batteries I had brought were dead. Figures. I needed backups for my backups!

I got there about 6:45 and went straight to the food. Sorry.. I was HUNGRY! And it was tacos, something I've been craving for the last week..

.. in fact, Micah and I won't be able to eat before church because of my needing to go the hospital to pick up a prescription and WMB prayer meeting, so we might stop at the store and get some sour cream (maybe do our first round of Thanksgiving grocery shopping so we can get one of the Carrs turkeys for 57 cents a lb! All we have to spend is $25.. nice... and a lot easier for us to reach than $100 or $150. The only place we spend that much is at Costco.) and then go home and make some late-night tacos and work some more on Micah's school. Yeah, he has a big paper due that's worth like a 1/4 of his grade in Fire 101 and it's due Dec 1. So unless he's wanting to work on it while we're in Bethel, we need to get that baby researched and written over the course of the next 7 days. Whew boy.

Back to the party. So I ate, pretty much stuffing myself in the process. Yeah, yeah, I know.. eyes bigger than my stomach and all. Literally, right now my stomach is about the size of my eyeball, or at least that's what it feels like! I have a HUGE appetite but a tiny tummy. NOT FAIR! I picked out a spot on "my couch" (always sit in the same spot, no matter what) and the fun began! There were a lot of really cool games.. like guessing how big Joey's belly is [i guessed how big mine was and added a few inches.. apparently I thought both us huge cause i was WAY off), and melting an ice cube to get the little pacifier out cause "my water broke!".. that one was especially fun since I won! woohoo! I got a prize of a Wild Jasmine bath set.. mmmm...

Let's see... There was also the tray game where we had to remember all the items.. I tied for that one. The tiebreaker was that Joey went out of the room and we had to remember as many details of her outfit as possible. We tied on that one two, but we went ahead and let the other girl have the prize since I already got one. :) And there was a story game where Sis Nowling read a story about the Right Family and each time we heard the word right, we passed the box to the right, and each time we heard the word left, we passed to the left. Bethany, the lady who works with Bro Nowling and has been coming to church for the past few months, ended up winning that prize, a pretty box filled with candy! She gave the candy to Dallas but kept the Reese's Pieces for herself. LOL! I don't blame her.. that is one kind of candy you don't give away!

Before long it was time for presents and I tell you what, at Baby Showers and Wedding Showers it's almost more fun watching the person open the gifts than if you were the one getting the gifts! Joey got a lot of really awesome stuff, and quite a mix too. Bath stuff, supplies, tons of clothes, blankets.. the list goes on and on. There were some really creative gifts too, an umbrella and a diaper cake, but words don't do them justice so hopefully Jenna will explain them when she posts the pictures.

Joey loved the gifts I gave her, which made me happy. Basically I thought of what I'd want to get and gave it to her. :) I did a two-part gift, one for her and one for baby girl. The gift for Joey was "The Ultimate Bubble Bath"- I had a bottle of sparkling cider, a champagne flute, a cd of Harry Connick Jr, a package of Lindt's chocolates, a vanilla scented candle, and a lavender bath set, which is apparently Joey's favorite scent (ha! I didn't know, but know I do! rock on!), that had bath salts, bath beads, bubble bath, and bath cream. Very relaxing, don't you think?

The one for baby girl turned out better than I expected. I wanted to get her a bunch of little outfits so I shopped around and found a TON of little girl outfits on sale. All in all, I was able to get 16 pieces while staying UNDER my budget, which allowed me to put more into the gift itself. I tell you what though, it is SO much easier shopping when you know what the gender is. Even though Micah and I are hoping for a little boy, one can't deny that girls are simply more fun to dress up! I was tempted to keep a couple of the pieces I gave Joey for myself.. oh well.. :P

I got a wicker laundry basket and wound pink ribbon around the edge of the basket and put big pink boys on the handles, all to dress up the basket a bit, then I lined it with a receiving blanket, tucked a flower in the side, and then, this is where Micah was a huge help, we stretched out a long piece of clothesline and proceeded to use clothespins to attach the outfits to the line! Once it was completed it stretched from one side of our house to the other! I couldn't wait to see her face..

.. and I wasn't disappointed! I held the free end of the line and Joey began pulling item after item after item out of the basket and the line kept getting longer and longer. Whew! I was terrified that it would get tangled up during transport or the clothes would come off the line or some equally horrendous thing. But naw, everything went smoothly and Joey loved the whole idea and especially the Winnie the Pooh outfits that I was able to find. (That's her theme, by the way, good ol' Winnie).

There were a lot more things at the party.. mini cupcakes (with duckies!), name drawing for those who brought diapers, oh--- and the entire night we couldn't say the word "Baby" or "Joleesa"... that made it REALLY hard, especially when opening the gifts. We really managed to come up with some creative replacements, though. "Youngest Nowling", "Daughter of Jada", "Pregnant Lady", and everyone's favorite "Her" (complete with finger pointing)! And the baby... er.. infant.. had some creative nicknames of her own.

Once the party was over and most of the guests had left I stuck around waiting for Micah to pick me up after he got out of school. Well, two cupcakes and four glasses of sherbet punch put me on a sugar high so Joey took advantage of that and brought out ALL her baby stuff. It covered the entire couch, coffee table, and most of the immediate floor. Whew. That's a lot of baby stuff. I then proceeded to organize all the clothes according to size and then organized all her items into accessories, health, supplies, hygiene, books, etc...

Sigh... I love to organize... especially other people's stuff. It's so much more fun and satisfying then organizing my stuff ever is!

Micah arrived just as we were getting ready to put the Newborn-3 month items in Joey's closet. I think I heard his jaw hit the floor as he saw the huge mound of clothes. Needless to say, we all pretty much agreed that Joey's set for baby clothes. Now all she'll need is supplies, like diapers and bottles. Oh, and baby hangers. We discovered a great need for those.

The night made me really excited for when we would (finally) get the spare room cleaned out and the baby stuff set up. We might be getting a crib and dresser from a friend, but since we're going to be using a bassinet in our room for the first few months, that's down on our list of priorities. But I really want to get the room cleaned out so we can set up the 9-cube shelf and get all the baby toys, clothes, and books put away. Oh well. I still have 4 months (from tomorrow!!!) until baby comes. Plenty of time.

Which, speaking of tomorrow.. we'll have my next doc appoint at 2:00. Yay! We get to hear the heartbeat and see how big Baby (and Momma!) has gotten!

Until then..

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