November 16th, 2009

No Husband = One Productive Day

It's seem as though Micah's hardly been around this week. Wednesday I was home for the holiday while Micah went to school like a good boy and I was productive. Then Saturday and Sunday he had mandatory drill for the Coast Guard so once again I was on my own! Only bad thing? I didn't get to sleep in.. sniff... Since we only have the one vehicle if I wanted to go anywhere that day it meant taking him to work in the morning. Ugh. We had to get up at 7 am on a SATURDAY! What? You mean 7 am comes on the weekends??? REALLY?!?!

Yeah, it came. And I was awake for it. Not wide awake, but awake none the less. On Saturday he had to drill on Ft. Rich so we drove out there, dropped him off, and then I went over to Matt's and met up with him and Nate to go out for breakfast. 45 minutes later and we were seated at IHOP eating pancakes and drinking orange juice. Mmmm. A good way to start the day. Of course, I have a huge appetite but absolutely nowhere to put anything so I ate my two eggs, hashbrowns, 1 piece of bacon, and 1 bite of my eggnog pancakes and I was FULL! So I sat there and nibble on my remaining bacon and sipped my orange juice.

I got to eat my eggnog pancakes for breakfast this morning. mmmm. share the joy.

After breakfast we headed down to Diamond where Matt took me to sportsman's warehouse so I could exactly what it was that Micah would like for his birthday and Christmas. I have it narrowed down to about 3 items... so I just have to make up my mind about when to do what. Oh boy. I feel indecisiveness setting in..

We stopped in at the new super walmart while we were down that way, very big and shiny and CLEAN. I always love that "new store" smell.. hehe

Once I dropped off the guys, I went to the bank and deposited money (always nice!) and then headed to Value Village to spend the money I had just deposited (not always nice). But what ended up being nice was all the baby deals I got! But as always, that deserves a post of its own, complete with pictures!

Hopefully.. and I might be jinxing myself here, I'll be able to upload a bunch of pictures tonight for the last two weeks. We'll see... I know better than to make any promises this time, what given my track record and all.. *cough*

I had just gotten home and eaten something when Sister Nowling came by to pick me up. We WERE going to go to a baby and maternity consignment shop, The Willow Tree, but wouldn't you know it? Saturady was the last day of their 1 week closure due to remodeling or something. Figures. So instead we went to Fred Meyer's and I helped Sister Nowling grocery shop so she could get her free turkey. Really, I think the only reason she brought me along was to reach the top shelves for her, isn't that right Sis? ;)

Saturday night Micah and I went to Moose's Tooth (an awesome gourmet pizza restaurant here) with a bunch of the Coasties. Ironically enough, most of the ones that showed up were the LTs and head of all reservists in Anchorage and.. the head of all the reservists in Alaska! *gulp* But they're really cool. The Cmdr was trying to talk Micah and I into moving to Kodiak so he could work at the fire department there. lol.. I want to get through the next year before I even consider moving to another part of Alaska. As it is.. Micah only has two years left in the CG before he'll be out. He'll probably reenlist, but with another branch cause he does NOT want to be MST any longer and there really aren't any positions open here in the Anchorage sector office. There is the Port Security (that's not what it's called anymore but I can't remember what they made it into) but the A schools are backed 18 months! Whew! So that pretty much rules out that option. We're thinking maybe National Guard cause they have reservists Fire Fighter and Military Police positions, both very viable options. But that decision is a year away, minimum.

Sunday morning started early, just like Saturday, unfortunately. I took Micah to work, this time at the sector office, but had just an hour and a half before people started arriving at Church so inside of going all the way home I ran my afternoon errands! I dropped books off at the library and then went to Walmart to finish getting stuff for Joey's baby shower gift (which will be awesome! both the shower and the gift ;)..) After I got out of there I still had 30 minutes before the doors would open so I got a biscuit from McD's (the only place I could remember the location of- but I don't like their biscuits and they charge too much.. I'm just sayin'...), sat down, and read my paper until time to leave. Of course, before I left I got followed out of the restaurant by a homeless man who asked me for money through my closed and locked car door. Sorry, but you are creepy looking and drunk and there is a reason why I don't carry cash! I donate to the Bean Cafe, go there and get a hot meal and a cup of coffee to sober you up.

The rest of the evening passed rather uneventfully. I took a nap. Picked up Micah. Took another nap (seems to be a theme here of late), and eventually got ready for church. And eventually went to bed.

End of story.

But really, there is more to tell.. Our date night from LAST week, the baby clothes we bought, our dinner with the Nowlings.. so much to say.. but ow! My fingers hurt! And it's almost time to go home. Woohoo!

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