November 9th, 2009

A Winter Wonderland

I just came back from looking out the window and everything is so pretty!
The ground is frosted white as far as you can see and the sun is glittering
brightly off the fallen flakes. It's been steadily getting colder and colder
here the last few weeks, but without any sign of the coming snow. Saturday
morning Micah and I had gone to a few yard sales and saw frost in the higher
elevations of town, so we knew that it was on its way. We woke up Sunday
morning expecting to see snow on the ground. No such luck.

It was actually as we were walking into the library that afternoon that we
saw a few flakes falling here and there. And the air smelled of snow. Crisp.
Fresh. Impending snow really does have its own specific smell. Just like the
woods after a rain or the ocean waves crashing on the beach. Even the wind
across the fields and tundra has its own unique perfume.

We went to sleep that afternoon and when we woke up--- snow! We were
downright silly driving to church that evening. We stopped by and picked up
Jacob and Nathan and then blared Christmas music full blast. The first snow
of the season calls for Christmas music. Once we got to church the boys
threw a few snowballs around as I literally jigged my way into the church.

But the brushing of snow that covered the ground when we went into service
didn't even care to what was there when we came out! Whew! Snow!

Phooey. I should have taken pictures.

Micah went to warm up the car while I got the ice brush and went happy. I
brushed off Joey's car and the Nowling's car and our car before Micah took
the brush away from me. :P Now why did he do a thing like that? I was being
helpful! So what if I was having fun at the same time and getting more snow
on me then on the ground. Hey, at least the cars were cleared!

Once we got home last night both of us were jazzed up from the snow and not
too sleepy due to our afternoon nap so Micah did a video chat with Brandon
and played on the computer while I cleaned the kitchen and bathroom while I
actually had both energy AND motivation. I tell you what, it's hard to get
both at the same time when you're pregnant!

At one point Micah showed Brandon the backyard via webcam, with all its
newly fallen snow. Brandon was envious--- but mentally chilled to the bone.
Wimp. :P

This morning I got up extra 20 minutes early cause I was leaving 15 minutes
early. I drove in the snow all of 1 time last year and Micah was in the car
with me the whole time. Until this morning, I had never driven in snow by
myself before. Oh boy. But Micah has been preparing me for the last two
months, telling me the differences between snow and ice driving, what to do
and what not to do, precautions to take, what to do "If"... all the things
that would keep me alive and, well, not dead.

Then, since the beginning of October, I have been putting in practice a few
of the tips that he instilled in me, such as pumping the brakes instead of
slamming on the brakes, adding 2 extra car lengths to my following distance,
going to the light to turn instead of trying to cross 2 lanes of traffic,
etc. As I was already getting into the habit of winter driving, today did
not come as quite as big a shock as it could have. I left early, turned at
the light, drove 5 miles under the speed limit, had min. three car lengths
between me and the car in front of me, watched brake lights, pumped instead
of slammed my brakes, took my foot off the gas when approaching lights, even
if they were green, until I saw if they were going to stay green.

What's really a blessing is that I work on a military base. A military base
does everything humanly possible and then some to insure that there aren't
any accidents or traffic violations. The speed limit never goes above 35
miles an hour, which right there makes a HUGE difference in winter driving
safety. The slower you go, the less chance of something happening. In fact,
There is only 1 mile from the base gate to our house, so I only have to
drive 2 miles a day at speeds higher than 35 mph. Just another blessing that
God has given.

There is a bit more news but I actually do have pictures to accompany those
stories, so you'll have to wait for tonight!