November 3rd, 2009

Shopping Deals!

So yesterday us girls, Jenna, Joleesa, Sarah, and I, went out to eat and
then shopping at 5th Ave afterward. I have a bunch of pictures from last
night that were taken with my handy dandy POINT AND SHOOT! Woohoo.. I forgot
how much fun it is to take pictures just for the sake of taking pictures.
Not being worried about lighting and angles and ISO and the million of other
little things that can get in the way of just taking a picture of a girl
being goofy in a bucket hat!

But those pictures are at home on the camera and I won't be uploading them
until tonight, so you'll have to wait until then for the shopping post.
However, I did want to share my awesome deals that I got at Payless.

Now, I'm a girl. Which means I like shoes. However, most of my shoes are
kind of boring. Black heels. Brown heels. Black boots. Brown boots. Black
tennis shoes. Brown tennis shoes. I have tons of colorful flip flops, but
that's not really something you can wear in the winter, you know?

And now with being pregnant my feet hurt all the time so I need to wear
something with more cushion, yet not entirely flat because I need to make
sure my arches remain.. well... arched. Otherwise that can add to lower back

I have a really good pair of brown tennis shoes that I've been wearing with
my brown clothing items, but if I wear black, like I do 70% of the time I
either have to wear my ballet flats that make my feet sweat or my clunky
gray vans that don't look very pro.

So my mission was to get a comfy pair of black tennies and maybe some fun
shoes for later when my feet are swollen or even for next summer's

I found three!

These are the black tennies I got for work. I'll be able to wear socks so my
feet don't get too hot, they're cute (always a plus), they have an inch lift
in the back so I get the added support I need, and they're slip-on, which,
normally I don't like how it feels, but if my feet every need a break (which
they do quite a bit), slip-on shoes are way easier than trying to untie,
take off, and put back on when you have to go up front two minutes later.

These are my "fun shoes" for when I want to be youthful and casual.

These aren't quite like the ones I bought but close enough that you get an
idea. Skimmers for summer.

The most awesome part? The price! The black tennies were originally $30, I
got them for $19. The skimmers were $19, I got them for $7, and the "fun
shoes" were $25, I got them for $4! Woohoo! Got to love sales and smart

Alright.. ta ta for now!

And btw... the tennies are super comfy.