November 2nd, 2009

Baby Bump Pictures @ 20 weeks!

Here are the baby bump pictures taken on Saturday at 20 weeks, 1 day!

We got some more that we really like that are more artistic, but they don't
show the bump as well as these do. So, we'll save those for the scrapblog!
Which, btw, I need to finish and get up there. I have basically the whole
thing done so I just need to insert the pictures, but I'm still playing
around with the layout and if I want to go chronologically..or if I just
want to go.

So, there's a baby in there!


Baby's Got Kick!

Friday night Micah and I were enjoying a quiet moment with just the two of
us when Baby started moving. "The baby's moving!" I said to Micah and he
quickly placed his hand on my tummy. Now, this routine has played itself out
a number of times before where I've felt Baby and as soon as Micah tried to
feel, Baby decided to take a nap at that very second. It's been a little
frustrating, the little stinker.

Well, we thought Friday night was going to be just like all the other times,
but as soon Micah put his hand on my belly, there was a brief pause and then
we bought felt *THUMP*, Micah on the outside, me on the inside. Micah yelled
excitedly "I felt it! I felt the baby!" And as if to add an exclamation
point to the matter, Baby decided to give one more mighty kick before
settling down into stubborn silence.

Micah's face... I don't think that I'll ever forget his face. His eyes lit
up and he got the biggest smile that I've ever seen on his face, I think it
even rivaled the one when we got married.

Ya'll might not understand the significance, but for Micah he wanted the
first time he ever felt a baby kicking to be with HIS baby. So he's never
felt any of his nieces or nephews kick while Bek was pregnant, no any of his
many friends or other family members. He wanted to feel his baby first...
and he did. Friday, October 30th.. Ironically, Isaiah's Birthday as well.

Also ironically, Baby must have decided that once was enough for Daddy
because he/she has refused to move for him since that night, even though I
feel Baby almost constantly. But eventually Baby will stop being shy and
Micah can play with his little son or daughter until I'm worn out and ready
to swat both of them. Stop playing so I can get some sleep!

hehe.. I can't wait.


Such a precious little gift...

Baby, I'm so thankful that God has give you to us and I count the days until I can hold you in my arms. Each night I pray for you, that you'll stay safe and grow strong. I dream of what the future holds for you and what you will go, and do, and be. Little one, you are loved. ~Mommy~