November 1st, 2009

When Baby's Tired, Baby's Tired.. when Baby's Awake.. well...

Here I am at 7 am on a Sunday morning.. CRAZY! No, what's really crazy is that I got up at 6 am. HA! Me, 6 am on a SUNDAY morning.. my last chance to sleep in before the next work week starts. Why am I up like this on a day like this? Because of Daylight Savings Time, of course. Last night/this morning marked the transition to "Fall Back" where we set all our clocks back an hour. A great way to gain an extra hour's sleep if you need it. Also a great way to wake up extra early when you don't need to...

I went to bed at my normal bedtime of 10 pm. Like clockwork, Baby starts getting sleepy at 9:30 and by 10:00 I'm zonked out on my feet. Normally I don't fall completely asleep until 10:30, wake up once during the night when Micah comes to bed from studying or watching a movie or whatever he does (anyone who knows Micah knows that he is a night owl.. no 10 pm bedtime for him! that's for sissies!.. or pregnant women, hehe), and then I'll get up at 7am during the work week. On weekends, I TRY to sleep in, but it doesn't work.. Baby lets me sleep until 7:30, SOMETIMES 8:00 and then is like, okay, you're done, get up. If I try to sleep to 8:30 or, heaven forbid, 9:00, I start getting sick, even if I've eaten something, because Baby is ready to MOVE!

Well, this morning I was up at 6 am, my normal 7 am, due to the time change. Oh lovely. Don't mind me, I just don't have to get ready for church for another.. THREE HOURS!!!! So, what to do.. what to do.. get breakfast? Check, leftover pancakes. Blog? Check, that's what I'm doing right now. Work on pictures? Check, multi-task, baby! Take pictures of baby things and post them? Ooooo.. now there's a thought...

So, I grabbed out our big camera and started taking pictures when I remember that DUH! We just got back our little point-and-shoot from the fix-it shop and since these don't need to be all pro, really, easy way out, anyone? So I switched out and used the little point-and-shoot for the rest of the pictures. SO MUCH EASIER!!!! I've missed that little thing.

I'm still uploading the pictures so you'll have to wait for another post before seeing the baby things, but that's okay cause at the energy level that I am currently at, you'll have another 2-3 posts before it's time to leave for church. I hope ya'll can manage that!

In other news... Micah and I enjoyed a relaxing day yesterday. Actually, we did quite a bit, but it was still nice to just kick back, you know?

He slept in, I got up because Baby kept making me throw up (thanks a lot in there!), but then we had some breakfast: pancakes, eggs, and sausage for Micah, eggs, sausage and toast for me. Then got ready and headed out to run some errands to Lowes and Target. However, on the way there I convinced Micah to stop in at a yard sale I had seen advertised on Craigs List for having a lot of baby stuff... (the rest of the story will be in the post with the pictures). After the yard sale we headed on to Lowes were we picked up a few must-needs items (such as a hammer... long story, needless to say, my high-heeled shoes were glad to be out of a job) and bought the parts to assemble our own coffee table! It's kind of hard to explain so I'll probably just have to take a picture of it later when I get it all cleared off, but needless to say: $30 and 5 minutes, I say that's a deal any day!

We splurged a little at Target. Does anyone ever look at the mini-store they have set up right in front of the carts with all the dollar items and odds and ends? If you never look through there, you might take a peek some time. It's Target's own little "Dollar Store" and they have some pretty cool stuff. I was jazzed because they had started bringing out the Christmas items, which is the best deal of the year!

Let's see.. what did we get?

3 silicone 6-muffin pans (Micah and I are on a silicone craze right now, picking up odds and ends here and there. We've managed to find a cake pan and a 12-muffin pan at Value Village for a fraction of their original price. This was no different. $2.50 each! And the best part? They're CHRISTMAS! One is green and the cups are in the shape of Christmas Trees, one is blue and the shape of Snowflakes, and the last is red and the shape of Snowmen!

2 Silver Pails with Snowflakes on them ($1 each!)

1 Wooden "Welcome Sign" that has Penguin holding a candy cane and wearing a hat and scarf (So cute! $2.50!)

2 Christmas Stockings (Both of these are super well-made, $2.50 each, and adorable. The first one is mainly red and white and has a snowman on it. It reminds me of Momma. The second is blue and has snowflakes on it, very dainty, and will be stuffed for a very special little girl)

I also got a oval red metal bucket with handles (looks like a mini washtub) to use year-round, since my main color in the Kitchen, Living Room, and Dining room is.. RED! $2.50, baby!

Then.. Micah let me splurge.... I bought our first Christmas Ornaments of the season!!!

Now, for us, Christmas is our favorite time of year. But for me especially, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (you get the idea) to decorate for Christmas! That actually was one of the reasons for my choosing to go with red as a main color in the house, because it will be SO easy to decorate come Christmastime.

When we first got married, Our living room was blue because all we had was blue stuff left over from my bedroom before we got married. But after we had the house for a bit and I got to work out my style, I fell more and more in love with red and by the time we moved up here, blue was long gone.

The thing was... 90% of the Christmas decorations we bought that year were... guess.. blue! We decorated our tree in blue, white, and silver. Pretty, classy.. wasn't really into it after the fact. And now, there is no way that I'm putting a blue and white tree into this red house. Not to mention, the majority of our Christmas stuff is still down south, waiting to be shipped up here. Or rather, brought up here, cause there is no way I'm trusting my glass ornaments to the postal system, insured or not.

That being said, ever since I was a young teenager and saw a tree and house in an article in Better Homes and Garden (my favorite magazine of all-time), I have had this dream that was just waiting for me to get my own house and my own tree and, well, my own way.. hehe. I shared my dream with Micah yesterday and what do you know? He loved it! In fact, he more than loved it, he had the same tree in his dreams! Go figure?

Our Christmas Tree?

The Old Fashioned Christmas Tree!

We'll be buying a real tree, putting it in the stand, and wrapping a Christmasy plaid quilt around the base. We'll hand the lights, wrap plaid ribbon as garland, hang some cranberries and popcorn strings (though we might just go with the red beads due to no wanting Milo to attack our tree in search of food), then we'll be doing classic ornaments, like the ones we bought yesterday: wooden snowmen, bits of felt for the scarves, aged metal snowflakes... We're going to get jingle bells from Michaels and spray paint them to hang in lieu of regular balls. Neither Micah nor I like the cutesy look of some of the ornaments, and we're not really the cabin-decor type of people. Instead, we just like the Classic Christmas. Remembering the good old days when Christmas was more about family and friends than Christmas lists.

You know what I'm really excited about? On the way home from Christmas, stopping at Cracker Barrel and stocking up on their After Christmas sales. If you ever want to do an Old Fashioned Tree, Cracker Barrel is the place to go!

Which, all this talk of Christmas reminds me that I need to check with Mom to see if there are any non-breakable Christmas items that she can send up here with the next box of baby stuff.. yes.. she went shopping again on Friday... got to love baby stuff at yard sales!

Okay, so to finish out our Saturday.

We finished up at Target and headed home where we put together our coffee table, cleaned up a bit, and then got the candy ready to hand out to all the kids... then we laid down for naps. :) Once 6 pm rolled around, we ordered a pizza (1st time in.. 6 months? If not longer?), turned on our porch light, and popped in Lion King 1 1/2 (I had never seen it). Every so often our doorbell would ring and we'd pause the movie to go hand out candy to the hoards of kids that came. Actually, most of them weren't kids. Most of them were teenagers, 13 and 14 years old, admitting this one time a year that they are STILL KIDS and not adults quite yet. Funny how teens will go on and on about how grown up they are, but hang the offer of candy above their heads and they're dressing up and going around with a pillow case with the rest of the Princesses and Firemen. Micah and I don't do Halloween by any means, but we'll be good neighbors and hand out candy. Keeps you from being egg'd :P Especially with all these teenagers going around.

So the night ended with Micah eating as much candy as we handed out and me retiring at 10:00 like I said at the beginning of this now insanely long post.

So, all's well that ends well.

Ta ta!
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