October 24th, 2009

Finally! Some "me" time!

Whew-- this whole week there has either been someone here or I've been with people and today I needed some "me" time. So, I put off my errands and grocery shopping until tomorrow afternoon and stayed in my PJs all day, never leaving the house except to go to the mailbox.

But!!!!! I was productive! The kitchen had been piling up with dirty dishes for some time now where we haven't had the time nor the energy to actual do anything about it. Not anymore! I got up at 9 this morning (and promptly threw up because I hadn't eaten anything since 8 pm the night before- bad megan- and bad baby.. i can't sleep longer than 8 hours cause i get so sick from not having anything in my stomach) and headed straight to the kitchen. I've worked in the kitchen off and on all day long but now I've gotten all the dishes cleaned except for some things that are going to soak overnight. AND! I made tomato gravy and biscuits for breakfast, even though they didn't turn out nearly as good as Momma's or Granny's because Mom forget to email me the recipe like I asked. :P Oh well.. there's always next time. But yeah.. tomato gravy, I love that stuff! Sadly, I only get it once a year when I go down at Christmastime and beg Granny to make it for me. But now I have the recipe so I can make it throughout the year, though it still wont' be anywhere near as good as her's.

After the dishes were done, I wiped down all the counters and cleaned the stove, even taking out the drip pans and cleaning them! There are still a few dishes for tomorrow, plus wiping out the microwave and cleaning the toaster and bread area. But all in good time. Once the kitchen was finished and swept, I moved on to the dining room that had become the catch-all zone and put everything away and wiped off the placemats and freshened the flowers. Soon, the dining room was done and I could move onto the entry way where I picked up shoes and odds and ends and straightened the coat rack before moving onto the living room. Put away books and movies, fluff the pillows, fold the blanket, put away computer cords and Xbox controllers. All of that's done. Our couch even got a bath at one point cause I tipped over a glass of water. Oops! hehe...

During the whole time I was doing laundry, and I have the 4th and final load in the wash right now. It's our bed sheets that I decided to do at the last minute so it'll be another hour before I can go to bed. Though this might seem inconvenient, there actually is an ulterior motive behind the timing because I dumped all the clean clothes on the bed so now I'll have to put AWAY all the clean clothes in order to put the sheets on the bed. Mwahaha.. I love it when I trick myself like that.

Oh, I did take the mac into the bathroom and watched a movie while taking a bubble bath. That was my "special time" of the day, my one break, other than this blogging, that I allowed myself. I'm going to try and curl my hair for church in the morning using the new method for layers that the girl at Trendsetters showed me, so my hair needed to be fresh and clean. Mmmm.. and it smells like pomegranates too!

Well, I think that's about all the news I have for today. I'll be most likely blogging tomorrow about the Rebecca St. James concert. Not only was it one the best concerts ever.. both fun and worshipful... but it was powerful too. But enough of that, I'd better leave something for tomorrow!

Btw.. baby says hello! Little he/she is doing a lot of moving around and I'm feeling little kicks every so often. I tell Micah and he reaches over and puts his hand on my belly, but he can't feel anything yet, it's still that something special just between baby and me.

Love to all. I'm off to attack this pile of clothes before I fall asleep on top of it!

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