October 3rd, 2009

Two for the Price of One

Every so often Micah and I like to go to sleep as soon as we get home from work/school, around 6 or 7 at night. We sleep for a couple of hours and then get up around midnight, 1 in the morning, and stay up until 5 or 6, before catching a few more hours before embarking on our regularly scheduled Saturday.

We haven't done this in a coon's age because I was getting sleepy earlier and earlier and honestly didn't have the stamina to "party" all night. Well, hello Second Trimester. Really, I do notice that I have way more energy that I did before just a few weeks ago. And now that I only get sick when I don't eat on time (bad Megan!), I'm actually able to get my life back!!!

So last night/this morning I woke up around 1 am and came out to work on the pictures from last Sunday's shoot--- PTL! No noticeable quality difference!!! One bad thing though is that we lost more than the one that I originally thought.. more like 10, thankfully all but 3 were our own pictures that I was planning on deleting anyway. I'm going to attempt to rescue the remaining ones, but I'm sooooooo thankful for the, yes, miracle, worked already.

I got the number of photos down from 487 to 156, but I have another 20 or so I'm going to delete. So when all is said and down, and the diptics put together, then we should have a steady 100 or so for the 1 hour and 3 kids + mom, right on schedule.

Ya'll pray for our poor Xterra. It hasn't given us hardly any trouble in the 4, nearly 5, years that I've owned it. It's a 2001, which makes it going on 9 years old, so if anything were to happen, it would be about now.. well.. it's starting... turns out that we are having a coolant leak, but not from the cheap hose that's easy to replace, but from the back area, over there somewhere (ask Micah), and according to Matt we have an issue with our head gasket, which means $$$. Um.. we don't have $$$. We have to buy winter tires... we have bills to pay... we have a baby on the way. And not to mention for what it would cost to fix it we could have the thing nearly all paid off.. SIGH! ARGH! So... another miracle to pray for?...

Lord, grant us strength in this situation, either heal our car, provide the funds, or make a way that we haven't seen yet... but it everything, give us strength and remind us to be thankful for what You've already given. Amen.

We have Bible Study here this evening. It'll be the first time we've entertained more than two people at a time. That means as soon as I am done on the post I'll be cleaning like the Energizer Bunny. Micah is cleaning the kitchen though...

Oh yeah.. most of ya'll don't know about that...

So yesterday Micah and Bro. Nowling went hunting and they got a rabbit. Well, Bro. Nowling gave it to Micah and so, I knew about the rabbit, cool, yummy... he said he was cleaning it so I was expecting it to all be finished and done when I got home.

It was.. kind of. I've never been one to get grossed out from cleaning, butchering, killing, etc, wild game. I was raised in the country.. I've seen my share of dead animals. But to come home and go in the kitchen, planning on eating a bowl of cereal and starting supper... I saw something that made me lose my appetite. Not from any level of grossness or being disgusting, but from the mental images that came rushing into my mind when I stepped onto the vinyl.

I would post a picture, but I don't want to give anyone a heart attack or gross out my fellow prego ladies out there.

It looked like a skinned chihuahua.

Little arms, little legs, no head...

Just sinew and muscles... Oh boy....

All I could think was.. Buster? (my grandmother's chihuahua) I just hope I can get that out of my mind by the time we have biscuits and rabbit gravy.

But THEN I went to the bathroom.. I sat down and started my business and looked over and what did I see.... what looked like a dead cat... in a bowl of water...

Milo? Milo? Where are you Milo?

No, it wasn't Milo.. it was the rabbit fur... okay... cool... whoa... WARN ME NEXT TIME! It was a good thing I was already in the bathroom cause I think I might have peed my pants otherwise.... !

So, interesting times...

I'm going to crank up the music, get Micah out of bed, and clean the living room and dining room. Like I said, Micah's cleaning the kitchen and bathroom.. fair, don't you think?



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