September 27th, 2009

God Bless You's and Owwwwwwww's

Friday morning I woke up with most terrible cold that only seemed to get worse as the day progressed. What started out at just a few drips here and there ended with a virtually geyser coming out of my right nostril. Sadly, my left nostril was left out due to severe congestion, but Mr. Righty more than made up for the lack of runny nose space. During the course of the day I used up an entire box of tissues and then two rolls of toilet paper when I got home.
(Becki, I totally understand and sympathize with the assault your poor nose has undergone)

By the time 5 pm rolled around I was grumpy, tired, sore, and just wanted to lay in bed and be babied for the rest of the evening. I walked in the door only to find that Micah wasn't there to greet me. In fact, I couldn't find him anywhere. Walking back to our bedroom, I finally found him, curled up with sweat pouring off his body, even while he shivered with cold. The poor thing had gone and gotten the flu.

Whatever thoughts I had of myself being babied that evening went out the window as I jumped into nursemaid mode. I gave him some Tylenol to help with the aches and pains, got him ginger ale to help with the upset stomach, and then just smoothed his forehead until he settled down enough to sleep.

He finally fell asleep and snored away for the next three hours while I cleaned and caught up on things around the house. By the time he woke up, Micah was feeling somewhat better, though his stomach still rebelled enough to make eating the farthest thing from his mind. We relaxed and talked for a little while and then just decided to go to sleep.

When we woke up in the morning at the late weekend hour of 8 am (I can't sleep in anymore. Baby gets me up at 7:00 usually, and I can't sleep past 8:00, even on the weekends), Micah and I both felt a lot better than we did the night before, but still weak. We stayed in bed the the longest time, talking and watching shows. Then Micah worked on some schoolwork that he had missed because of getting the flu while I went into the kitchen and cleaned it from top to bottom.

Because there were plans to hang out with the guys tonight, I put on a big pot of Momma's chili and then proceeded to call the lady herself. It was nice to be able to talk, just the two of us, as we haven't gotten to really talk for the better part of two weeks due to the craziness of life itself.

A little while later Emily popped up online and I called to tell her something funny Micah had said and the next thing I knew she had me rolling on the floor and then some... I can't share everything we giggled about just... WATERMELONS!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!

Alright, long story short, Micah and I feel good, Chili was a hit, We have church in 45 minutes. Bye!

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