September 24th, 2009

Morning Sickness Relapse

Ugh... It all started yesterday morning. I was all fine and good and then
all of a sudden I felt kind of weird so I went back to my desk. Next thing I
knew, I was bending over the trash can spewing my guts out. Yuck. Just yuck.
Thankfully there was no one else in the office so I was spared any major

Over the course of the morning I threw up several more times, but I always
felt fine right after throwing up. And I would be fine until it would spring
up on me out of the blue.

Today was no better. I woke up, threw up, and have thrown up three times
since getting to work. I feel really good, just, my body is not liking food
very much right now.

So... who knows... I had a good week and was back to "normal" (whatever that
is?) and was even eating regular food. Sigh.... stubborn baby.