September 23rd, 2009

Doc Appointment and a Baby Bump

So yesterday marked my 3rd doctor visit and the first session of the "Seal
Group." Yes, it's a funny name. Apparently each group is named after an
animal, and we got Mr.Seal, "art, art, art."

We got to the hospital, got signed in, then went back to the room where
there were three other women, Marilyn, and her nurse. Poor Micah was the
only guy there. I could tell he felt a little awkward, but he still wants to
come to the meetings cause they do have good stuff and he would learn how to
measure the baby, etc. So he'll come to every other or something like that,
so he will be able to participate, but us women can talk about girl stuff
without making him, or ourselves, feel awkward. He was glad to hear that,

As it was, the meeting went good. Weighed myself in and I've gained 5 lbs in
the last week! (Though some of that might have been from just eating Subway
right before the meeting.. hehe) We took my blood pressure and vitals and
then Micah and I learned how to fill my chart out so we could keep track of
all the progress. Then Marilyn called us behind the screen to do the private
exam. She taught Micah how to measure my belly to see how much baby has
grown. Now if you remember, last Tuesday at my doc visit I was only
measuring 9 weeks, and I was 13 and a 1/2 weeks. Well, they measured me
yesterday and I was.. drum roll please.... 15 weeks! WOOHOO! Apparently baby
has GROWN GROWN GROWN during this last week. Grown? More like exploded! I've
gained 6 cm in just 7 days. hehehe.. Micah said afterward that he thought my
belly was growing during this week, but it was definitely a round baby bump
and not just flab. :D

So that is good. My belly has finally caught up with my actual pregnancy

After measuring, it was time to hear the baby. I think any pregnant couple
can admit that hearing the heartbeat is the best part of each visit.
Wouldn't ya'll agree? It was funny at first cause she was moving the machine
all over my belly and that stubborn baby kept hiding! You could hear my
heartbeat and then faintly in the background the quick *boom,boom,boom,boom*
and then it would dart away. She'd move the machine over some more and we'd
hear it for a second and then it would disappear again. Yes, this is
definitely Micah's child. It has to be a boy cause he acts just like his
father. Cause Lord help us if we get a girl as stubborn and mischievous as
he is.. I don't even want to think of what THOSE teen years will be like!

I'm really need to go maternity shopping some more. Only a few of my
long-sleeve winter pieces still fit and winter is fast approaching. What's
more. None of my skirts fit anymore. Uh oh.. Good thing I get paid this

Oh, on the $$ note, something frustrating. Micah's school account still had
our OLD address at Beaver Place which is where the leftover scholarship
money got sent to. Oops. He's supposed to call over there today so he can
talk to someone about canceling the original check and having them reissue
it. Also, the school has yet to send in the papers they need to for the GI
Bill money. We sent it in back at the beginning of August and they are
dragging their feet about it. Now we're in nearly the 3rd month without
receiving any of those funds. I'm hoping they backpay because it's not our
fault if the school is being slow. We'll see I guess.

Anyway. That's it for now, I think.