September 6th, 2009

From Point A to Point B

Right now Micah, Matt, and Nate have traveled all the way from Point A, here in Anchorage, up to Point B, which is Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Total driving time? Nearly a day and a half. As in 30+ hours of driving time. Whew boy.


Those crazy yahoos went hunting for Labor Day and drove literally from one side of Alaska to the other. Ha. The funny thing is, you can't drive from any one side to the other cause there isn't a road down to Juneau, nor is there a road out to west Alaska. Out there you either take a boat or a plane. There is a road to the east, leading out to Canada, but it only goes down here to South Central AK or up north to No-Man's Land. That is where the Caribou live. And hopefully they'll be bringing one home.. for dinner. As the guest of honor, no less! But don't worry, we don't eat all of our guests. Just the special ones.. mwhahahahah.. okay, I officially creeped myself out. YIKES!

In other news, I went two whole days without throwing up. I had a little mishaps yesterday morning cause I went too long without eating (hello--- I was SLEEPING!... for 12 hours... what? I was tired!), but the rest of the day was great. Today is making up for it cause It's nearly 9 and I haven't felt the least bit nauseous. (wow.. does that word look weird or what?)

I'm hoping the rest of the day goes the same cause I am teaching/leading service this morning in the Nowling's absence. Next Sunday Tim will switch with me and he'll lead/teach. I got muffins for breakfast... mm... Banana Nut and Apple Crisp. mmmm... and they're the good ones too. No, I didn't bake, cause I haven't really felt like cooking. The enchiladas I made for Jenna on Thursday was my accomplishment for the week.

But after service I'm planning on coming home and cleaning house if I feel up to it. Cleanliness next to Godliness and all that, you know.

Oooo. I went to the store Friday night to see about getting a microwave. Micah and I have been without a microwave since we moved in a month ago and I finally couldn't take it anymore. When it takes 20 minutes to heat up something in the stove that normally take just a minute and a half in the microwave.. yeah.. you get tired of it pretty quickly. So once I made sure that all the bills were paid, I budgeted up to X amount of $$ for a microwave. We had thought about getting a used one, but looked on this as an investment. My parents got a microwave as a wedding gift and used it for the next 20+ years. I think they got their money's worth. That being said, Micah and I didn't want some rinky dink thing that would quit out on us in a few years, nor did we want a tiny one that we couldn't fit anything larger than a bag of popcorn in. The only problem was that all the nice, big ones also had nice, big price tags. Ugh... Don't you just hate that law of nature?

Well, I had seen that Freddy's had their microwaves on sale over the weekend, so I went to check it out. Sure enough, they had a little standard hotel model for $40.. okay.. not bad, but not really what I wanted. I looked at the nice one but sure enough, they were $160 and up. Man....

I started going down some of the other aisles and what do you suppose I found stashed away on the bottom of the dishtowel aisle? That's right.. Clearance and As-Is Microwaves! They had two... the little hotel model for $35 cause it was missing the glass plate... hmmm.. and.. OH WOW... the $160 model that I wanted for half the price (i.e $79.99) because it was missing the little plastic ring that goes under the glass plate.

Umm.. I see that ring at Value Village for 50 cents all the time... SCORE!

So I loaded it up and took it up front and wouldn't you know it? Since it was "As-Is" and not "Clearance", I could also use the 10% off store coupon that I had torn out of the ad as I walked in the store. So.... I got a $160 microwave, SUPER nice.. for $72.00 WOHOWOWHOWHOWOWOO! 

So, I've left all the tags on it just in case Micah doesn't like it, but I must say... a minute and a half beats 20 minutes ANY day...

Speaking of 20 minutes.. I have just barely that long before I need to leave for church. See ya!