September 3rd, 2009

Two is too good to be true?

Two good mornings in a row, that is.

Yesterday I only threw up twice! Once first thing in the morning, then I was
great all day, and second that evening around 6:30-7:00 (the soup didn't
agree with me, forcing me to stay home from church.. sigh...).

But this morning I feel good so far, too. And get this, NO throwing up so
far.. woohoo! I don't think I haven't thrown up at least once in the morning
for nearly three weeks!

I stopped by the hospital after picking Micah up from school yesterday to
get my medicine from the Pharmacy. I now have the GOOD prenatal vitamins,
additional folic acid, and two other tiny pills that help with the pukey.
One is for minor nausea/heartburn, the other is for intense nausea, period.
So far I've only made use of the former, but the latter will come in handy
for the days where I'm going to the bathroom every 20 minutes.

Tomorrow will be 12 weeks! Woohoo! I would take pictures, but Micah will be
gone hunting until Monday. Yeah.. he's abandoning me on Labor Day weekend..
sad.. but it's okay. Micah, Matthew, and Nate are leaving tonight after
Micah gets off of school (so 11 pm or midnight) and are headed up toward the
North Slope, Prudhoe Bay, to be specific. They'll be gone until sometime
Monday, hopefully returning with at least a Caribou in tow, and wishfully a
Moose, too. According to Matt, the Caribou run around all over up there, so
they're not nearly as elusive as down this way.

I'm kind of bummed, cause I would like to do something fun over the weekend,
especially if I keep feeling good, but at the same time, this isn't your
ordinary any-weekend kind of hunting trip. So, Micah's promised to make it
up to me, and I'm already planning on many bubble baths while he's gone.

:) woohoo..