August 31st, 2009

Mondays are for puking

That's right. I overdid on the weekend, what with Sarah here and the potluck
and running errands that had piled up from during the week. I spent Saturday
night feeling crummy and feeling like I was about to throw up. Sunday
morning came around and I woke up, stretched, then turned over and threw up.

The Sunday morning service was really rough for me, but I started feeling a
little better towards the end, so we went shopping with Sarah for new school
clothes for her and some bottoms for me (was down to 1 pair of stretch pants
and 2 skirts, that's IT!). We hit up Burlington where I bought three tops
and a pair of black pants for work and blue jeans for casual work/everyday.
yay! These have the elastic band in them, so they should last most, if not
all, of my pregnancy.

We managed to get Sarah to the airport but by the time we got back home I
was feeling so horrible that I knew if I did go to church, I would spend
most of the time going back and forth to the bathroom.Not wanting to be a
distraction or a hindrance, I sent Micah to service and spent the evening in
bed, throwing up and just feeling all over miserable.

As the night went on, things got worst and worst, especially since Micah was
over at the apartment cleaning up since today is the last day of the month
and the final day that Nate and Matt are moving out. Well, I have a hard
time sleeping if he's not there, so that just made things worst.

He ended up not being home until 2:30, and we didn't fall asleep until 3:30.
I woke up again at 5:30 and just laid there miserable until I finally threw
up around 7:00.... ugh...

So that brings us to now.. I've already thrown up twice since arriving at
work, and if the twisting in my stomach is any indication, then I'll be
throwing up again here in about 10 minutes.

Pray please?



Sometimes bathrooms ARE humorous

So over the weekend we had one of our night-call guys get a work order
regarding a plugged toilet.. the results of his discovery was too funny not
to share:

"Toilet clogged and overflowing.

Plung-ed toilet repeatedly and then got an auger and snaked the drain.
Pulled up a rock measuring 4inx2in from toilet. Still would not drain.

Snaked some more, no luck. Removed toilet from floor and snaked drain from
floor opening. Pulled up a 4in apple.
Still would not drain.

Snaked some more and pulled up half a dozen small rocks. Reassembled toilet.

All working okay."

Umm... Can we say, two year old in house?