August 28th, 2009

Could the end be in sight?

Today marks the beginning of my 2nd good day free of
morning/afternoon/evening sickness! Could I be nearing the end of it? Could
that faint dim in the distance be the light at the end of the tunnel called
pregnancy? Or at least a nice rest-stop?

Am I about get my life back?

It might be too soon to tell, but I can hope, can't I? If this is just a
good day, I hope that it lasts through the weekend! With Sarah and her mom
coming in tomorrow I don't think they are wanting to listen to me puke my
guts out all day and night long..

Speaking of nights, last night was NICE! Micah went to EMT class while I
stayed home and watched some House, Hell's Kitchen, and ended the night with
some Age of Empires III! Woohoo! I haven't played that game in forever, and
it's sad too... I made it through the end of the Act II Campaign, so now
there is just the Act III to complete and then I'll have won the game! (Or
at least the Campaign portion). But I won't allow myself to buy any of the
expansion packs until I win the entire game... sigh... I tell you what,
though, it's going to be SO nice come Christmas, on that long drive from TN
to FL. I'll be able to spend all 8 hours sitting in the car playing computer
games... "Welcome to the future!"

(How did ya'll like that country plug-in-- kudos to whoever knows what I'm

Well, I'd better get back to work. My desk is covered with tons of papers
and there is still even more to come~