August 27th, 2009

Start off your morning with a laugh!

Or at least, I did...

So this morning, around 7 or so, Micah's phone starts ringing. He's
basically asleep so he answers in that sleepy voice of his, "Uh.. hello?"
Next thing I know, he's handing the phone to me.

"John looked up the flights and there is a flight leaving Alaska at 8 or 9
and it will get into California this afternoon. Get on that plane!"
"Uh, who is this?"
"This is your mother!"
"Gay Shaw?"
"Uh.. no.. oh I'm so sorry.. I dialed the wrong.. I'm sorry for.. oh my"

LOL! I think that's the funniest thing when you get a wrong number and the
other person is really put out at whoever they thought they were calling.
You answer and next thing you know you're getting someone else's earful!


Feeling good and productive

So things have actually been pretty good today at work. I haven't had any
incidents (i.e. throwing up), in fact, I've felt great for most of the day!
Actually, I've been extremely hungry for the first time in days. I've eaten
multiple times, a sub sandwich ( 1 and 1/2- and don't worry, I heated the
lunchmeat), potato salad, lots of pickles with mustard (it's my thing
lately), fruit, Odwalla... the list goes on and on. Baby is finally
realizing that making me throw up means less food for him/her!

But things have been pretty good. Matt taught me how to play Cribbage during
lunch and gave me a headache from all the math in the game. Wow--- If I
taught our kids how to play that when they're young then they'll be wizzes
at adding in their heads (something I still have trouble with to this day).

Meanwhile, I have been converting forms all day long. Dave (the FMO lead)
had asked if I could try my hand at converting a physical form into an
electronic form, only, using Word instead of Adobe (because Adobe is stupid
and doesn't want to work half the time). Well, I had never tried before, but
I'm willing to give anything a go, so I looked up some stuff online and next
thing I know, I'm making forms for everyone in the office! Dave liked the
first 2 so well that he sent it to Craig and Bob, the bosses, and Bob had me
do another form for him, and now they're pulling out all the ancient forms
that would taken 2 hours to fill out and after spending 15 minutes designing
it.. volia! 2 hours turns into 2 minutes!

Don't you just love the 21st century?

Some more news: Sarah (Isaiah's Sarah) and her mom are coming in for the
weekend and are going to be staying with us from Friday until Sunday.
Woohoo! What fun! We're going shopping on Saturday so I can find some
maternity things (I can only fit into about 2 skirts and no pants! that
could be a problem during laundry days...) and then Saturday night will be
the goodbye potluck at the Nowling's for the Macks.. sad... I wish they
would move up here.. HINT HINT HINT.. okay, that wasn't a hint, that was an
outright wish/statement.

So.. yeah.. all is good. Micah has EMT class tonight. I'm going to do.. I
don't know what!