August 25th, 2009

Can I go home please?

This morning is REALLY bad. Last night I was sick until past midnight,
throwing up anything and everything, including water. Now this morning I'm
gagging every five seconds, feel incredibly weak, am plain tired, and am
making more trips to the bathroom/trash can than I have all week.



My wonderful husband :)

So my wonderful, wonderful husband went to Costco today and was SO
thoughtful. Lately we've noticed that I'm having to change up my diet
because if I eat too much of something, it makes me sick after about a week
or so (granola bars and pasta so far). That being said, I was desperately
needing a change in diet. Micah supplied that, and more, in the form of
Odwalla and "something else." Now, for the past month or so, Costco has only
been carrying the original Superfood Odwalla, which I can't stand the sight,
smell, or taste of (both now and pre-prego). I like the Mango Tango, C
Monster, and the Strawberry Banana flavors. Now the great thing about
Odwalla (I'll be a commercial here for a sec) is that they are a simple
smoothie-like blend, but contain all sorts of nutrients and vitamins, which
is perfect for baby. And since it comes in liquid form, it's a lot easier
for me to keep down than something I have to chew and swallow (which in and
of itself makes me nauseous ).

Well, today we were in luck, because Costco was carrying a NEW items besides
the typical Superfood Odwalla, single-serving size multi-packs! Instead of
the huge 3/4 serving bottles, they had little 11-oz bottles that were
individual one-serving each, perfect for work or church! And there are three
flavors: Mango Tango (my fave), Strawberry Banana, and Superfood. I guess
two out of three ain't too bad! Micah will be more than happy to take the
Superfood off my hands, hehe.

It makes me happy though cause maybe now I can actually keep something down,
and it's a lot easier to drink something than have to stop and eat a meal,

The second "something" was a complete surprise and really sweet of Micah to
think of... what was it? WATERMELON!

Wow... I haven't had watermelon but once all summer and frankly it's hard to
get a good watermelon up here as the big ones tend to be kind of bitter and
not very flavorful. Instead of the big ones, Costco sells two smaller,
locally grown, watermelons, for the same price.

OH MY GOODNESS! We cut into the watermelon tonight and it is one of THE BEST
I've had in a long time, since leaving TN for sure! It's deep red in color
and is sweet, juicy, and just.. well, delicious! Micah cut me two big slices
to eat, hehehe, and is now in the process of slicing up watermelon and
cantaloupe for my breakfast tomorrow.

Now didn't I say he was the world's sweetest husband? Sorry all you single
girls out there, tough luck looking for Mr. Perfect, I already got him!

In closing, let me say that I love watermelon AND Micah!

I have my eye appointment tomorrow (horray for finally getting new contacts,
I've been operating with 1 contact in 1 eye for about 3 months now) and then
my ultrasound (the first!) after that. It's going to be kind of sad because
Micah won't be able to be there because of class... It's really
disappointing, but I understand, and so does baby.

Love to all. G'nite.