August 24th, 2009

Day 1 of the Mommyhood

I'm so blessed by the outpouring of love I have felt since announcing our
little blessing yesterday. So many people have called, texted, emailed,
blogged, and facebooked, that we can't help but smile. What I especially
loved was the surprised and even shocked reaction we received from a number
of people (eh, Sister Tammy? "Are you SERIOUS?!?!?")...

My Momma has already started buying baby things, though she's a little put
out with Micah for not wanting to find out the gender of the baby
beforehand. Me? I'm neutral on the subject, my organized side would like to
find out for the sheer sake of planning, but my other half kind of likes the
element of surprise. So in this instance, debate it with Micah, he has the
final say-so.

As far as doctors are concerned, we're going the the Native Medical Center,
taking advantage of the benefits Micah gets from being Eskimo. :) So far we
really like it because the NMC strives to be more "natural" in its practice
so the prenatal care is largely a midewifery practice. In fact, our doctor
is a certified nurse midwife. And get this, she even used to live in Bethel!
But what we're REALLY excited about is that they don't stick you in a
regular operating/hospital room but instead have "Birthing Rooms" available.
These rooms have the large bed, a jacuzzi (for water births), a "birthing
ball (whatever that is), and everything you could possibly want for going as
natural as possible while still having the doctor on hand in case of
emergencies. I know there are a lot of mixed feelings about the whole
birthing process, but for me personally, I don't want any medicine or drugs,
I just want to have the baby. But we can't very well have it at home (uh,
don't think our landlords would like that much, hehe), so God has provided
the next best thing. :)

As for the morning sickness: I'm doing pretty okay today. No incidents so
far, we'll see how it goes since I'm planning on hanging out with friends
tonight, and lately my nights have been rough. Saturday night was HORRIBLE.
I had a good day all night long and then around 5 pm I just started throwing
up and didn't stop until 2 am.

Yeah, that's why I was so out-of-it on Sunday morning.

We'll hopefully be taking baby-bump pictures here shortly. Right now I don't
have much of one to speak of, so.... yeah..