August 23rd, 2009

The big SECRET!

Finally, after a month of anxious silence, much to the relief of certain friends and family, the secret is now ready to be revealed:

Micah and I are having a BABY!!!!

That's right, folks, after a year and a half of marriage, God has blessed us with the surprise of a lifetime, a little baby to raise and love. We've known for a little over a month but wanted to wait until we were out of the worst of the miscarriage stage before sharing it with those we love, namely, all of YOU!
So the official tidbits:

We were 10 weeks as of Friday
The "Due Date" is March 19th
We heard the heartbeat on Wednesday
We will have the first ultrasound next Wednesday

And, yes, my Mom wanted to kill me for waiting this long to tell her
But, yes, I was right because not being able to say anything for a week almost killed HER!

Whew. It feels good to have everyone know, I tell you what, it's exhausting being pregnant!

And, yes, I have morning sickness, and afternoon sickness, and yeah, evening sickness, too!
Micah and I are so excited, though I do want to wring the little darlin' neck every time I throw up. But with lots of prayer and ginger ale we'll get through the next seven months. So.. yeah! A baby!