August 20th, 2009

Thursdays are for.. FOOD!

I'm starving today. The soup and apple I brought just doesn't seem like near
enough. :( I should have grabbed a sandwich or salad to go with it. Oh well.
I'll survive.

I think.

Or I might just waste away to nothing....


Anyway, Micah and I are entertaining for the first time tonight in our new
home! We've invited Heather, Jeremy, Lillian, and Brother and Sister Mack
over for Lasagna mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Always yummy. After supper the guys are
going to play a board/card game and us girls are going to put highlights in
our hair! Woohoo!

All in all, should be a good day, if my stomach growls don't scare everyone
away first. Mmm.. I can taste that Lasagna now!