August 15th, 2009

A "me" Weekend

Wow, I didn't realize how much I needed that.

Micah left last night, not long after I got home from work, with Matt and Nate for a Peter Boyz hunting trip. They headed up to the valley to a place called "Zero Lake" to take advantage of the last weekend of bow-only hunting.

As soon as they pulled out of the driveway I popped in some french bread pizza (don't worry, I made some for Micah before he left) and put on season 2, disc 1 of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Man I love that show.

I must since I watched a grand total of ELEVEN episodes last night.

Yeah.. crazy... I went through three whole discs. Ha!

I watched while I ate, cleaned up the house, had a bubble bath, and finally while I just was lying in bed with Milo snuggled up next to me. Ah, so relaxing.

I finally went to sleep around 1 am and slept long and luxuriously until after 11 the next morning. At that time I got up, had some breakfast, checked my email, and then Momma called and I talked to her for the next hour or so while I cleaned up and unpacked some more. I then took a shower and laid down while listening to the "Summer Promise" audiobook. It's the first book in the "Christy Miller" series by Robin Jones Gunn, one of my all-time favorite authors. I love all the audiobooks because RJG herself reads them and she uses such inflection and emotion.. I just feel like I'm a part of the story itself...

Now I'm up, eating some supper and getting ready for the revival which starts in a little over an hour. Just enough time to listen to a few more chapters before I have to head out the door.

Oh, yeah.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our new dining room set. I can't wait to take a picture and share it with ya'll. It's exactly what I've always wanted, fits in the space perfectly, and at just $100... wow... you couldn't find that deal ANYWHERE!

Thank you, Lord, for providing for our needs, and even some of the desires of our heart.

Love You, and love to all Blogland.

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