August 12th, 2009

memory lane...

I've been going over everyone's old blogs: Rachel, Gracie, Bek, just to name
a few, starting at the beginning and remembering all the tears and laughter,
smiles and frowns, and everything in between. It was sad because with Ringo
going down, a lot of the old pictures weren't there :(....

But it's still been nice to remember....

Some news:

On Sunday afternoon I had seen a table advertised on CL, a high
Espresso-Finish square pub table almost exactly like what my Mom and Dad
have (and Heather and Jeremy). Ever since I've actually sat at pub tables in
people's home, I've loved the style and feel of them, specifically the
square table over the round table. I've been on the lookout on CL for the
last 6 months ago, but the few pubs I did see were either WAY overprices
($300-$500 used, can you believe it???) or small round cafe-style, which I
simply wasn't interested in.

Well, just as we're about to walk out the door for church I saw a 5-piece
set (table and 4 chairs), exactly like what I wanted, and.. the best part...
just $100!!! It had been posted only 40 min earlier, so I shot off an email
right then.

We didn't hear anything the rest of the night or all day Monday, so we just
gave up. Ah ha! So much for the faint of heart... Tuesday night around 8pm,
Micah got a phone call (I gave his number since it's in-state and he's a
guy), and it was the owner of the table! Apparently he had gotten over 30
emails about the table and mine was the FIRST ONE! So, we got the table!

WOOHOO! I felt like I had won the lottery or something! So we're going to
pick it up Friday evening after work. Ironically enough, they live right
down the street from our old place on Beaver. Ha. Small world.

So.. horray for getting exactly what you want at the price you want!