August 7th, 2009

Happy Friday

Last night Nate, Micah and I went to another concert at ABT. This time it
was Eleventyseven, a punk rock group that Micah said reminded him of a
Christian Blink182, whoever that is, they were pretty cool and the lead guy
had a good, albeit quirky, stage presence. Needless to say, he was very
entertaining. They also had an opening act by an illusionist that was pretty
awesome, and an intermission act by a speed painter/speaker that was
"wow"... They finished the night up with a guy called LaCrae, whom I've
never heard of, but is apparently a big Christian rap artist. Not really my
type of music, but hey, at least you could understand the world. If nothing
else, he was a really good speaker and gave the final salvation message and
prayer/altar call.

It was cool though because he was African American so I was able to notice a
lot of the characteristics of "Black English" (official term, believe it or
not) that I learned about in my History of the English Language class I took
last fall. Especially the call and response, which was evident in both his
speaking and his music.

Anywho. Tonight they're having a special show with the illusionist and the
speed painter. It's free.. so anyone in Anchorage feel free to come! Starts
at 7.. give me a call and we'll save you a save. :)

After I get off at 5 Micah and I are going to try and run down to South
Anchorage and look at a car.. we'll see where God leads...

love to all.


feeling kind of mushy

It's been weird this whole last week. I've been extremely nostalgic,
rereading old blogs from back in our Engagement days. Last night after the
concert I laid on the bed and just watched Micah as he did chores and got
ready for bed, not really thinking about anything, just watching. Then I
asked him to just sit by me and hold my hand. That's all I wanted, just for
him to hold my hand.

Sigh... stupid emotional female....