August 5th, 2009

New house, New job, New level of exhaustion

So I know it's been a while but we haven't had Internet since we moved out,
and before that we were using the neighbor's wifi, so my Internet usage has
been sketchy at best, nonexistent at worst.

To do a brief catch up over the last week or so:

Wednesday- packed
Thursday- packed
Friday- ran errands, appointments, peed in a little cup for the drug people
Saturday- church car wash, got keys from landlord, made 3-4 loads from
apartment to new house, bible study at Jessa and Levi's , made 1 more load
from apartment to new house, spent night at new house
Sunday- church, slept and unpacked boxes, went to Nowling's to use internet,
unpacked more, church, unpacked more
Monday- went to meeting with HR, peed in a little cup for drug people
because first one didn't get sent off, went back to meeting with HR, went
home to pick up Micah, got dropped off at work, Micah ran errands, had first
day at work, got off, went home, slept
Tuesday- 2nd day of work, meet Micah for lunch, was CG birthday so he got
off at noon, had Taco Bell, went back to work, got off, went to car lots in
rain, drove around downtown for wifi spot, went to apartment for another
load, went home and unpack, cooked a real meal, ate, watched NCIS, slept
Wednesday- got up, went to work

yeah..... it's been so NOT normal around our house. Yes, we live in a HOUSE,
not an apartment. We call our place "Half a Home"... get it, cause it's a
duplex! hehehe

well, Micah and I thought it was funny

So things are going good with my new job. I'm fitting in, getting comfty, it
helps because I already know Tim and Matt and Danny, so there are just a few
others to get to know.

But honestly, this job is super easy. I can't believe I get paid this much
to sit on my butt and answer the phone every so often. So yeah.. I like my
job. Just enough challenge without being too crazy.

Church tonight. Are you ready for God to move?

I will be after I get a nap. :)

Love to all.