July 29th, 2009

The most peaceful sound in the world...

The sound of light rainfall on a roof, followed by the sound of the water dripping off the edges of the roof. After I dropped Micah off at work this morning I came home, opened my windows, and just basked in the early morning sunlight as I closed my eyes and listened the the rain. I prayed, wrote in my journal, and just poured my heart out to God.

The best feeling in the world?

Walking through the woods after a rainfall. Everything is wet, green, and so fresh-smelling. (The smell is second only to freshly baked bread) I WOULD go walking, but I'm fighting off a cold so I don't want to put myself in harm's way any more than I have to.

I'm filling out all the paperwork over the next few days for my new job. You know, I mentioned that this was actually my #1.5 job, that my #1 job was actually the UAA position that I had interviewed for yesterday. Well, I talked to Micah and shared my thoughts, concerns, and hopes, and in all reality, the UAA job, though it pays a dollar or so more after the probation period, and even though it would mean free tuition for Micah, it also would mean a whole lot of stress.

From the sounds of it, they are wanting someone who will grow with the program. This is actually a new department, in its first year, in fact, and the job would require a lot of time in the office, interaction, follow-up work, even occasional trips down to Washington, where the other 1/2 of the department is located.

Now all that would be well and good and even fun (especially the travel!) if I was single, but I'm married, Micah and I want to settle down, start a family, get a dog... we're only going to be in Anchorage for another year 1/2, two years at best, before we move out to the Valley and Micah goes to being a firefighter and I get to be a housewife. So... thinking about it...

This base job is really the best fit. It pays GOOD money, Over $6.00 more an hour than any of my other jobs (ever), the hours are perfect, it's just a few miles from our new home, and since it's a contract job, it goes year to year, so I won't feel guilty leaving them in two years.

So, I'm thinking that God might be closing that last door, even if it's just in my mind, making His blessings abundantly clear.

Did you ever notice how peaceful and calming it is to pet a cat? Especially a long-hair cat?

Milo says "Meow!" (Translation- Get off that computer and feed me!)

Byes for now. Blessings for always.

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