July 23rd, 2009

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That's what my mind feels like right now. Goo. klgj ljglj djgl. I feel like sticking out my lips and running my finger over thing like gskhsgjshkghksdhgkjnsdkngks. Yeah..

So, Micah and I got a house! Tuesday morning I had seen a listing on Craigslist and had forwarded it to Micah and work. He really liked it and called the guy, but no answer. We went out to TGIF that night for supper and he decided to give the guy another call and this time leave a message. Only, that didn't happen because the guy picked up! We made an appointment to be over there about 7 o'clock that evening and the proceeded to enjoy our ribs and shrimp.

Once we got over there, we fell in love with the place! It's half a duplex, with the owners living in the other half. It's got a good sized master bedroom, a small office/guest room, typical living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. It's going a corner fireplace with floor-to-ceiling natural rock (VERY COOL!), its own washer and dryer (PTL!), and get this.. a private deck right off the dining room and our own backyard, fenced in and everything!

So yeah, we loved it. We shook hands and left to go home. Exactly 30 anxious minutes later we called the owners and set up an appointment to meet with them the next day (yesterday), after Micah got off of work.

We walked in last night and immediately felt at home. It's this older 65-or-so couple, Mark and Sally, who reminded both Micah and I of church people. They're were down home, simple folks, just renting out the other side of the house. We paid the deposit, signed the paperwork, and then took them outside and show them a very scared Milo (he hates the car, petrifies him), which Sally ooo'd and ahh'd over. And get this, before we got in the car to go, she gave us both big hugs and said how glad she was that we would be moving in.

So, yeah.. it's perfect. I can't wait to host a youth bible study or dinner party! We move in exactly 1 week, 2 days, as in Next Saturday, August 1st, between the car wash and the youth bible study. As it is, we still technically have the next month here at Beaver Place, so we can move our stuff over a much or as little as we want until the 20-something of August. We'll be going bright and early Monday morning to get boxes from Fred Meyer's. I can't wait to start packing! It's fun! So yeah.. anyone that wants to help on Saturday or Sunday, between "sessions".. come on over!

Oh yeah, for you Anchorage people, our new place is right down Boniface, off of 4th ave, right close to the base and the Glenn, Debarr, and everything. It's about the same distance to the church, the Nowlings, Tim and Larry's... everything. So yeah. We're happy.

I just looked it up, we're exactly one mile from the Nowlings, if that puts things into perspective.

So yeah.. things. good. I've had a bunch of interviews in the last week and am supposed to hear back from one today or tomorrow, and the other by Next Friday. We'll see! God WILL provide!