July 18th, 2009

So wiped it isn't even funny

So the party went great, had about 1/2 the people I invited, but everyone I expected, so that was good. Plenty of food. Good cake. Fun games. Heather is the limbo queen and Micah is the limbo king. We lost the vollyball game but that is expected. I think I have a tradition of losing every possible game on my birthday. Kind of bum, eh?

People had to leave a little at a time so it ended up being Micah and I, Matt, and Jenna and we ended with a BANG in the form of a water balloon fight. SPLASH! It was crazy crazy crazy fun. Yes, very wet and wild.

I like my presents, too, new pretty flip flops, a hat, scarfs, candles, gift cards for books and even more books (Micah gave them dirty looks for those).

But I am so totally wiped right now. Even bone in my body aches and my knees have horrid kinks in them. It doesn't help that we were up until 2:30 last night, didn't fall asleep until 3 and was up at 7. Ugh.

Headed out right now to play frisbee golf. Whew. I MIGHT be able to make it through three holes.. four at best... even five would be pushing it in my present condition of...

22 YEARS OLD!!!!!


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