July 16th, 2009

A job hunting we shall go....

That's right, this is CRAZY!!! I've applied for over 50 jobs and have had 3 interviews. grrr.... Student people who don't like fresh-out-of-college students.

I interviewed on Wednesday and it turned out really good. There are three positions open there, so we'll see if anything comes of it. But it was funny because as I was walking out of the office my phone began buzzing (it was on vibrate) and I closed the door behind me and answered, "Hello, this is Megan.."

It was the place I had interviewed with LAST week, telling me about a job opening they had, wanting to know if I was still interested and if they could send in my resume. Uh.. sure!

And just now I had a call (isn't it rather late??) from a job I had applied for a LONG time ago (I guess the position just closed) asking some simple interview questions, taking down information, and she said they would call back to set up an interview.

Things are a little crazy right now. Micah and I are looking to get our own place so we're crunching numbers, applying for scholarships, jobs, and just assistance in general.

Time to spread those wings, baby!

But really, I miss having a place of our own... it'll be nice... and ya'll newlyweds know what I mean... eh, Jessa? ;)


Only two days until B-Day!!!!