July 13th, 2009

And so it begins...

Last night was Day 1 of my Birthday week! Like I said in my post last night, we went out to eat with some friends to Boston's where we just had a lot of fun and laughter. It was a great start to what is my favorite time of the year, second only to our anniversary and Christmas.

Micah and I both heartily believe that birthdays are too special to be all over in just a matter of hours, so since we've been together (even back during dating), we've strived to make our birthdays last as long as possible. Now that we're married, we've instigated what we deem "Birthday Week", which is made up of 7 days, either before or after our actual birth-day, or any combination thereof. Each day we do a little something special, with friends, with just the two of us, even if it's just going out for ice cream. Just something to know how glad we are that the other one is alive and that we're together.

So tonight we're going out with Uncle Wayne and Heather (and i think her family), and of course Matt and Nate, to go shooting or disc golf or something. Then tomorrow night we're going out with Heather and the Macks to Red Robins. Wednesday night is church, and we'll either do something with people afterward or go for ice cream. And then Thursday will be park day and ice cream, maybe a picnic. And Friday will be (hopefully) games with friends. And Saturday is the big day---- MY 22nd BIRTHDAY!!

Seriously.. I'm stoked, can you tell?

And what's more, none of this ice cream and RR is costing us anything-- why? Birthday coupons!!!

This is what I got:

TGI Friday's: Free Appetizer or Dessert
Marble Slab Creamery: Buy1,Get1 Ice Cream, Free Ice Cream, $3 off Ice Cream Cake
Boston's: Free Appetizer AND Dessert
Red Robin: Free Burger, Free Bottomless Beverage w/ 2 meals
Coldstone: Free Ice Cream

SWEET! In more ways than one...

Oh, and I have a job interview for Wednesday morning... getting a job my birthday week? That would be the best gift of all!

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