July 11th, 2009

Good ol' Family Time

So tonight we met up with our Uncle Wayne who is here visiting and his lady friend, Heather. They took us out to Golden Corral where I proceeded to stuff myself in two plates. Man. I just can't put it away like I used to. And a fast metabolism? You can forget it.

Hmm.. The cat is kneading my arm and purring in my ear.

Afterwards we went down to Kincaid park to get in some disc golf (Matt's new obsession) before the park closed at 10. It was 8:40. Uh... We managed to get in 7 holes before we had to book it back to the parking lot. But the final score: Micah won with 30, Matt and I tied for second place at 32. Wow! Can you believe it??? When we played on Wednesday I got 47 points in 9 holes, so I really managed to bring my game up. This was, in fact, only the third time that I had ever played. As it is, I can't toss a Frisbee to save my life. But I can throw it overhand, kind of like a baseball, and it goes pretty far. I don't have any muscle (like Jackie does) to get it REALLY far (like Jackie does), but it was enough tonight to put me toe to toe with Matt... My drive is strong, I just have horrible putting skills because I have to toss it since it's too close to throw overhand. Micah and I are hoping to go to the park tomorrow to get in some "private lessons", him work on his drive and me my putting.

After the disc gold we went for ice cream and then sat outside in the chilly night air and talked and talked and talked. Codi finished up with work and came by to talk with us some more. Man, I've missed that girl.

So now it's 1:30 am and I'm going to bed. Whew. Glad tomorrow is Saturday.


Happy Birthday to You.... Happy Birthday to Me...

That's right, it's my 22nd birthday on Saturday, July 18th! We're heading to the park for some fun in the sun and we're going to be wet 'n wild during our beach party blast!

Volleyball, Frisbee, Limbo, Water-Balloon Fight... that's just a glimpse at the fun we're going to have. And let's not forget the food--- mango salsa and chips, tropical kabobs, and to top it all off- a sand cake!

So with all this fun, why would you want to be anywhere else???

-See you there!-


p.s- Flips flops are mandatory! Hawaiian shirts are optional.
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