July 5th, 2009

Home again Home again Jiggity Jig

We're home, as you see. The 4th of July was AWESOME! So much fun! I took about 500 pictures of the course of the trip.. yay.. just one more event to add to my list of events that I need to review, edit, upload, and post.. sigh... And it's only two weeks until we have that family shoot scheduled. Oo vay.

Micah and I are cooking up some Creamy Mac and Cheese-- the revised version, and are trying to decide whether we want to go play disc golf with Matt, Nate, and a Buddy from work, or if we just want to stay home and sleep and watch NCIS. Hmm.. We're both worn, but he wants to have fun.. so I don't know.

Still no word on the job situation, so we'll see what Monday brings.

I have an idea for a skit, based off of what I shared in devotion this morning during Sunday School.. I'll have to post it once I get it written up. I have about 3 pages of notes right now, so we'll see what I finally end up with.

Man. My feet stinky. Cute shoes, but sweaty!

Btw, our rent went up. Again. Second time in 6 months. Last time it was $50, this time it was thankfully only $25, but still, it's the principle of the matter. This place is not worth $900, much less $925, it was barely worth $800, which is what it was when Matt first moved in. Um, God, a new home please? We'll be keeping an eye out, for sure.

What would really be nice is if I get that really good job where Matt works, that way Micah and I could start saving up for our own place for next spring, if not in the fall. Hopefully Micah will be able to finish his schooling up by next fall (graduate in December of 2010), so he could get a job out in the Valley and we could move out there sometime the beginning of 2011. That's the two year plan.. we'll see where it goes.

Of course, after this weekend we're half wanting to move down to the Kenai Peninsula, but we finally decided that we'll just retire there instead. By some land by the beach side, build our dream house, and then have enough acreage that we'll be able to build small cabins on one or two acre plots for each of our kids, that way they can come in for the weekend and have their own space, but still be within walking distance. Hey-- I can dream, can't I?

Really though, it's beautiful down there. Where the mountains and the seas meet....