June 29th, 2009

A Good Sunday

That's what today was- nothing much happened, just overall good.

The morning service in church went well, good lesson, good message, good overall service.

Micah and I actually made lunch instead of eating leftovers (first time in a while). As soon as we got home I put water on to boil and began making a quick tomato sauce. I usually allow my sauce to simmer for a good 4-5, it's the only way to get the real italian vineyard flavor to come forth, but since we were hungry/didn't have 4-5 hours, I instead hurried it along and did a quick sauce in about 20 minutes. MMMmmm. As always, delish. I have my secrets...

Meanwhile, Micah made meatballs and ooooo-- he is the meatmaster. Guys always have the touch with meat of any kind. He made the meatballs small so they would cook faster and cooked them in batches. As soon as one batch finished, we added it to the sauce so they could simmer along with it.

The result were tender and flavorful meatballs, a rich, chunky sauce, and yummy spaghetti. Hence, spaghetti and meatballs, M&M style!

Around that time, Micah touched base with Joey and Dallas to see about the finalization of the plans to go to Flat Top this afternoon. I was tired from staying up late last night, and still a bit sore from Thursday's hike, so I bowed out in favor of reading along with a Sunday afternoon nap.

Well, the hiking attempt in itself is another story. Needless to say, it didn't happen. But there was a major attempt to go through with said hiking, but it seemed like Mother Nature and the entire city of Anchorage came together to prevent such an experience.

Yeah--- I'll explain that tomorrow.

After a good CPMA service (thanks to Jenna), we went over to the Nowlings for Brownies and Ice Cream, played a quick Skipbo (I Won!), then moved on to I Buy (Joey even played!), but we only made it through 4 hands before everyone got tired and headed to bed. As of four hands, I was in the lead with 15 points, but there was no telling where the game would end up!

All in all, the day was just.. good. Nothing spectacular, just.. good. Time with God, with each other, with friends, with family. So yeah.

And now to end the good day with an episode of NCIS.. it doesn't get any better than that!

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