June 19th, 2009

Sitting here...

Just sitting here, with Nathan, Sarah, and Micah. That's right, Sarah and her Mom crashed here tonight before their flight out to Bethel in the morning. We're playing a game of IBuy right now. I JUST pulled ahead of Nate by 10 points. It's not much, but I'll take anything at this point.

For your info: finished the pictures from Alana's birthday. I'll be posting them on here hopefully tomorrow. Also finished the pictures from Michelle's wedding, but it was one of the bad-lens day so nothing really turned out. I had to do some major PP in order to create some I wasn't completely humiliated by. Jenna said that we could borrow one of her extra lens to test it out and see what kind we wanted to replace our bum lens with. We'll probably be getting a portrait lens over a telephoto or even an all-in-one, quality over versatility, and all that good stuff.

Been doing a lot of research since yesterday for the family shoot. As of right now we have 43 shoot ideas and five pages of notes, etc. Yeah--- organized much? You can tell I like researching, can't you? As of right now we're probably be doing the shoot in Downtown Anchorage because she really likes the urban look (She loved the Nashville pictures). Micah and I are already picturing the different spots. We'll be going out there probably next week to get a location portfolio made up.

Alright. I'm off to concentrate on my game. Love ya.


Here they come round the bend!

Congrats Honolulu, you have officially beat out Portland, TN and are currently in second place for most blog visits! Hehe, kind of funny that you beat out my own parents.... (good grief, Momma!)

Nice job.

Hmm.. I feel like there should be prizes or something...