June 3rd, 2009

Must Needs Blog

These last two weeks have just been crazier and crazier. Not only do I not really feel like blogging, but I haven't even had the time!

So last week was Nowling Week- helping them move, clean, unpack, etc, etc, etc.

This week it's Peter Week- CLEAN, ORGANIZE, RENOVATE!

Accomplishment #1- New Couch
WOOHOO! We found a futon on Craigslist for just $40! These things usually sell for $150 cheapest at Wallyworld and like places. What's more, the people we got it from used a slipcover, which was ugly anyway, so all their germs went in the trash with that! Just add a good vacuum and some febreeze and presto! Futon! Not only is it worlds nicer than the stupid couch we used to have, but you can actually lay on it without rolling off! Whenever one sat on the couch, the cushions would start to come out and fall off the edge. It was so annoying!!! But you can lay or sit on the futon and you have plenty of room. Of course, the fact that it doubles as a two-person bed is just a fringe benefit, right? Let's just say that it came at the perfect time! With 14 people staying in this little apartment over the next week and a 1/2, we can use all the space we can get.

Accomplishment #2- Organized Storage Unit
On Monday Nate, Micah and I attacked the storage unit with the goal to make sense of the mess that was in there but make room for the tons of other items that needed to go out there. The three of managed to blow through that mess in just under two hours. We consolidated, packed, organized, revised, took out, took in, and summarily cleaned. Now it looks SO good- and there is STILL room! :D Always a plus!

Accomplishment #3- Organized Hall Closet
Living with essentially two bachelors who inevitably toss everything into any open space available, the hall closet has been the catch-all for items of all shapes and sizes, from Christmas wrapping paper to broken printers, from laundry detergent to a truck headlight. With that in mind, I've been too scared to even come within 10 feet of that black hole. Not anymore. Armed with my new resolve and dedicated mission to have a home that I am not ashamed of, I set out one night at midnight to fight this Goliath of Disorganization. And hour and a half later, I had two pages of trash, a box + a pile of stuff to be sorted and taken to the storage unit, a dedicated shelf for linens and towels, another for blankets and pillows, one for household supplies, laundry, etc, and place for wrapping paper and gift boxes. I covered small boxes with contact paper to create an uniform appearance and divided up the small odds and ends, manuals, and such things. The BIG improvement was an entire shelf cleared off for my extra pantry items. YAY!!! I buy bulk from Costco but our kitchen is sadly lacking in cabinet space so I had my extra cans and boxes in the oddest of places. But not anymore!!! This improvement allowed me to achieve the next thing on the list...

Accomplishment #4- Organized and Improved Kitchen
The extra pantry space mentioned above allowed me to organize the one bit of pantry space that is in the kitchen, which in turn allowed me to utilize space that I before had to use for foodstuff. This being the case, I cleared off several shelves, allowing me to have a dedicated, and more importantly convenient, place to put my cookbooks, instead of being wedge in behind the toaster. With that space opened up, I could finally bring my pretty turn-about bamboo spice rack out of storage, as well as my NICE black and stainless steel toaster. :D That right there makes me extremely happy. Micah even put up a peg rack for me so I would have an easy-access place to hang dishtowels, pot holders, and my apron!

Accomplishment #5- Shelf in Our Closet
There was one rod and one shelf in our closet. Not good. Not practical. Not good use of space. Our closet itself it actually quite large, but the space itself it utilized rather poorly. There was a good three feet from the shelf to the ceiling. Hmm. Uh, we don't need that much overhead space. As such, my handyman husband built another shelf above the existing one, essentially dividing the space in half. Now I have a shelf for clothes AND a shelf for storage. This allowed me to take out the cubes that we were using as a "dresser" and reclaim them as the nightstands we originally had gotten them as. That in turn allowed us to move the boxes that WERE in the closet and the ones that were being used as temporary nightstands out to our organized storage unit! Yay! Space! No clutter!

Accomplishment #6- Book Shelves
Along with the request for a shelf in the closet, I also asked Micah to build me a total of four shelves, two on each side of the window in our room, for my books. Well, he did. And quite nicely too. I now own a total of 6 shelves, counting the existing ledge shelf, the four he made all nice and sanded and pretty. Fresh. Bright. Yay. This has effectively tripled my space for books, so much so that I've actually run out of books! (This being due to two factors: 1) I never really have bought books until recently, preferring to borrow from the library unless the books are really cheap >$5 and 2) A lot of my books are still packed away down south at Mom's and Dad's. A good 2-4 boxes) I told Micah--- I need more books!!! No comment on his part.

Accomplishment #7- Artwork
I wanted to brighten up our sad little house with some more artwork so I dragged some pictures out of storage to dress up the shelves and then Micah and I had three of our own pictures printed out at Costco-- btw, Costco prints VERY nicely. Their "lustre" finish is beautiful-- it looks like canvas but with the sheen of a photograph. And good prices, too) We picked the prints up yesterday, went to Walmart for frames, bought 3 at good prices after searching all over the store due to their meager selection only to discover later at Target that their stock of frames is 3x as large and 10x nicer! Oh well. We assembled the artwork last night and have already hung 1 of the 3 prints. I'm prodding Micah right now to go hang up the other two.

There is one more big accomplishment that we hope to accomplish by tomorrow, so we'll see.... Nate has been a huge help and it's been nice for Micah to have another guy to help him do the "manly things." Speaking of brothers, Micah is getting ready to leave to pick Zay up from the airport! That means all four brothers will be together tonight! They haven't been together since our wedding. Yay- whew!

This coming convention will essentially be a family reunion because we'll have everyone there except for Dad Peter. Rebekah Jacob and all five kids will be there, Micah and I, Mom Peter and Ernie, Isaiah, Matt, and Nate.. just about the whole kit and kaboodle.

Anywho--- I'd better go add some more to my accomplishment list!

Accomplishment #8- I Blogged!